Capital Hair & Beauty

Looking to optimise warehouse processes, Capital Hair & Beauty searched for a WMS system, selecting Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory.

Tasklet Factory were a cut above the rest

Capital Hair and Beauty needed a solution that would allow them to count stock easily, pick orders faster and make it easy to employ temporary staff during busy periods, features they did not have with their former solution. Phil Dobson, IT Manager, explains: "We did not previously locate stock by bins within NAV so picking orders in a logical bin sequence was not possible. Stock counting was also very difficult without using bin locations. We realised that we had to change and started looking at a WMS solution".

Capital Hair and Beauty was introduced to the Mobile WMS solution by TNP at their Annual User Day. Phil comments: "We looked at two solutions TNP recommended but quickly decided that Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory was the most suitable solution for us. We liked that Mobile WMS links directly into NAV but also that the terminals work offline".

In the end, Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory has solved all the challenges Capital Hair and Beauty had. Phil says: "Because Mobile WMS is easy to use, and stock is now located into bins, we can not only pick orders faster but also employ temporary staff to help pick orders during our busy periods".

On the implementation of the solution, Phil adds: "Our implementation was complicated as not only were we moving to a WMS solution for the first time, but also our new website was going live and we were moving all warehouse functions onto the NAV database at our Head Office. TNP took the time to understand our business processes in the warehouse, how they would work with Mobile WMS and the inevitable changes that we’d need to make to our processes. Implementing Mobile WMS was a huge change for our business and TNP’s consultants could draw on their previous experiences to help deliver a solution that has made huge improvements to the efficiency and processes of our warehouse".

In a Nutshell


Capital Hair & Beauty


Distribution & Supply

Business requirement

Easier method to count stock, pick orders and manage their warehouse processes


Mobile MWS from Tasklet Factory, implemented by TNP

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