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'To be able to deal with a company that understands the business language as opposed to talking IT jargon, which you get with a lot of companies, is critically important.'

Xpert Professional love TNP's expertise

Xpert Professional, part of the Portix group, is a leading distributor of professional hair and beauty cosmetics in Ireland. Founded in 1974 as a small wholesale store called Flair, the company grew quickly over the years. In 1997, they set up a distribution house called Xpert Professional, distributing items from 20 well-known manufacturers of hair and beauty products, salon tools and furniture. From their headquarters in Naas, Co. Kildare they now employ over 130 staff, distribute over 10,000 stock items and ship on average 250-300 orders per day on 48-hour delivery across the country.

Xpert Professional seeks to offer a complete solution for salons at their state-of-the-art training campus, Accademia, offering 400 courses per year, as well as through Digital Salon - a digital media company they co-founded, providing salons with many forms of modern digital marketing tools.

In 2018, Xpert Professional looked to change their Dynamics NAV, now known as Dynamics 365 Business Centralsupport partner as they felt their ever-expanding demands were not being met with the urgency and efficiency required. They needed a partner with the same commitment and skills to support them, such as TNP.

Xpert Professional meet Claire

Xpert Professional booked a free solution performance review, TNP’s ‘NAV Dr’ Health Check, with Claire Evans, Consultant. Claire has been with TNP for 7 years and has been working with NAV for 22 years. She took time to understand Xpert Professional’s ‘Day in the Life’ processes and presented viable recommendations on how they could adapt their use of Dynamics NAV, Power BI, LS Retail and Tasklet. These changes would improve their reporting, retail management and warehouse management.

As a result of the Health Check, Xpert Professional recognised that TNP were no ordinary Dynamics NAV Partner. Having made the switch, Xpert Professional were impressed with the ease with which they resolved some longstanding bugbears with their system.

Talking our language

Mary Flanagan, Finance Controller at Xpert Professional, is thrilled with the level of support that TNP offer and said, "the support guys are much better, 100% better than they were at our previous partners, because they take the calls - which I prefer. Going back and forward on an email really doesn’t get to the solution quick enough".

Flan Hassett, COO of Xpert Professional said, "to be able to deal with a company that understands the business language as opposed to talking IT jargon, which you get with a lot of companies, is critically important".

Since Xpert Professional have joined TNP, TNP have opened an office and recruited staff in Ireland. One of these is Gianluca, a Senior Consultant who has been working with NAV for over 20 years. Together, they have been planning the deployment of a new e-commerce solution, which has been designed to improve the service they offer the salons and drive down the cost to serve them. Flan says that, "having him at the end of the phone makes life simpler and easier" as part of the process.

Flan concludes, "we like people to be proactive in letting us know how we can improve. So far so good…we hope to continue on the path that we’ve been on".

We can’t help but agree!


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Xpert Professional found TNP's support services to be their saving grace. Read more about our Dynamics NAV support in Ireland.

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Xpert Professional



Business requirement

Change of Dynamics NAV Partner due to demands not being met with the urgency and efficiency required


Xpert Professional booked a free system performance review - the ‘NAV Dr’ Health Check. Impressed with the ease with which long standing bugbears were resolved, the decision was made to transfer support to TNP

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