Healthcare ERP

We provide healthcare organisations with a single solution to manage their entire business process, enabling them to move, track, and trace products (in real time), ensure compliance with ever changing laws and regulations and take the stress out of surprise audits!

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What Healthcare Companies Need!

Companies operating in the healthcare industry share many of the problems that other sectors have. They buy things, sell things and manage inventory. They have customers and suppliers and account for the financial wellness of the organisation (no pun intended). In addition, however, stock traceability, lot and serial tracking, clear logging of customer contact with clear issue resolution, tele-sales and often complex billing arrangements (particularly with the NHS), all add to the growing needs of a company operating in the healthcare sector.

The NAV | 365 People have significant experience of implementing ERP solutions with Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as Dynamics NAV) into the healthcare sector, notably with customers such as LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare, Healthspan and Firstkind Medical. Sophisticated Warehousing, Nurse Portals and Repeat Prescriptions or Subscription Orders are examples of delivering specific benefits related to the sector on top of the huge range of cross industry features and processes provided by the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Some of our Customers

We work with a range companies across the Healthcare industry including manufacturers of healthcare equipment, providers of clinical homecare and distributors of medical supplies and Pharmaceuticals. Check out some of our customers’ stories below!

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Firstkind Medical

Firstkind manufactures medical devices utilising OnPulse™, Sky Medical’s proprietary neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology, designed to increase lower limb blood circulation. Operating in the highly regulated medical sector they needed to maintain visibility of stock across the supply and fulfilment lifecycle until it reached its furthest point, i.e. the hospital or consumer.

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Lloyds Pharamacy

LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare

Mark Christie, IT Director at LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare, tells us more about his history in the NHS and how Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports the NHS by helping deliver the care to patients. Learn how TNP tailored the solution to their business and created a bespoke solution for prescription management using nOra.

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Compliance, Compliance, Compliance!

Companies in the healthcare industry are under growing pressure to deliver quality patient care whilst conforming to increasingly stringent regulations and laws. The need to minimise clinical errors and provide high satisfaction patient experiences means that businesses have to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by centralised data and integrated systems. We provide a flexible end-to-end solution and have a complete understanding of the challenges and needs faced by companies working within the healthcare industry. With our solution you’ll be able to streamline your processes, reduce operational costs and ensure products are quality assured and trackable from start to finish!

You will benefit from:

  • Compliance – accurately manage product information and respond quickly with precise data
  • Immediate access to production works orders- so you can change customer orders at short notice
  • Financial management– with a complete accounts system and integrated fixed assets
  • Transparent and efficient business processes– so it’s much easier to measure business performance and you can provide a better service to customers
  • Streamlined operational management processes- meet your customers’ demands and cut costs
  • Integrated inventory management– with full traceability, accurate stock control data and monitoring of stock requirements, transparency on shelf-life and control of stock levels
  • Visibility at every stage- with integrated lot-tracking and traceability even when raw materials are mixed
  • Quality Control- all the way from Goods In, through to Production and Picking & Packing with tests at any stage for anything!
  • Slick order-to-cash- with EDI integration, rebates, quick order entry, delivery charges and customer consignment planning
  • Powerful management reporting– so you can analyse data across your entire business
  • A solution that supports the growth of your business– with the flexibility to support changes in the organisation and business environment
  • Reduced cost of ownership- no explanation needed!