ERP for the Furniture Industry

Built on Microsoft’s world leading ERP, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and enhanced to meet all the needs of the furniture industry, our ERP solution for the furniture sector provides a single, integrated solution to make the complex simple!

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What makes us special as a furniture ERP service provider?

We have been helping UK furniture companies with their ERP systems for over 25 years, working with well-known names such as ScS, Loaf and Barker & Stonehouse. We believe that the relationship between a company and its ERP provider should be one that lasts a lifetime and the service provider should be on the same journey as the customer – constantly looking for ways to help their business grow and adapt as the market evolves and requirements change. Thanks to this approach we know the furniture industry inside out and can fully relate to the challenges and opportunities that it presents. 

So, when you select us to be your services provider you can rest assured that you are embarking on a relationship with a group of industry experts who fully understand your business’s requirements and have the know-how to help you meet them.

Furniture ERP solution can help you

How our Furniture ERP solution can help you

Our ERP solution for the furniture industry is able to meet the broad and varied needs of businesses within the sector; from manufacturing to order, to manufacturing to stock, and from inventory management to e-commerce integration – we’ve got it covered! 

Our solution gives you the functionality to manage: Financials, Product Design, Product Configuration, Sales, Production, Purchase, Data Capture, Custom Order Management, Logistics, Inventory Management, Claims, Reports & Statistics, E-Commerce Integration and more!

What to look for in a furniture ERP

Furniture ERP - What you get

Making Stock and Making to Order

Some customers are happy with a product as seen, others want to tailor the base model to their exact requirements; this means you have two very separate demands on your business - making to stock and making to order. Our solution provides the design and production functionality needed to meet both.

Logistics and Claims Management

Give your staff some slick functionality to manage the process of getting the finished product to the customer and deal with any issues that may arise after product delivery. By giving them accurate information in a single, integrated system you'll ensure that your company gets it right, does it on time and maintains customer service at the very highest standard.

Mobile Customer Order Collection

Collect your customers’ orders anywhere in store using a tablet app. Your sales reps can take the customer through the option-based ordering process whilst giving additional value by providing the information someone might want during this selling process (e.g. pictures, prices, delivery times and specification details).

Inventory Control

Quickly and easily manage current inventory and out-of-stock merchandise, as well as calculating the optimum stock replenishment. Sales, orders and other operations are synced and updated in real time giving you an accurate overview of everything that is happening in your furniture business.

How we worked with ScS to create the nYwhere tablet app

We are proud to work with a diverse range of pioneering companies in the furniture industry and are not shy to admit that many of our technical innovations have their genesis in the ‘if onlys’ and ‘what ifs’ of conversations between our customers and their TNP account managers. A lovely example of this is the creation of the nYwhere order collection tablet app which was born out of the dream of ScS’s Chief Executive, David Knight, to be able to use tablet-type technology to take customer orders. 

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What People Say About Us

… TNP always respond in a quick efficient manor no matter what the query Christine at ScS
We’re confident this will still be the platform we are using in a number of years … You are a really key partner for Loaf and that in itself says everything you need to know Louis Adamou, E-Commerce & Technology Strategist at Loaf
Honestly, it was one of the most seamless IT projects I’ve ever been involved in … we have a good working relationship with The NAV | 365 People thanks to the commonalities we have; we are honest, hard-working, and we like to get the job done. Gerard Sweeney, Process Manager at naughtone
There is so much that you offer to help support and develop companies on an individual basis. I know you deal with many bigger companies than us, but you make us feel like we are your only customer. Caroline Aylward, Operations Manager at Altfield
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