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Power Virtual Agents
What is Virtual Agents

What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents allow users to create personalised chatbots, leveraging Dataverse and Power Platform’s wealth of pre-built connectors to create complex, branching conversations – without the need for programmers or data scientists, thanks to a simple, low-code development environment.

You can train chatbots using the platform’s natural language and entity extraction functionality to respond to certain phrases or words with relevant content, like ‘I would like to enquire about a product’.

Chatbots can then look up and return records from Dataverse, prompt the user to provide more information, trigger a workflow in Power Automate, or hand the conversation off to a live user via Omnichannel for Customer Service.

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Benefits of Virtual Agents

Benefits of Power Virtual Agents

As is key to all of the products within Microsoft's Power Platform, Power Virtual Agents boosts your team's efficiency by automating repetitive manual tasks.

Power Virtual Agents also:

  • Handles those customer and employee queries that can be answered by retrieving data from your internal systems. An example of this may be 'how many days holiday do I have remaining?' or 'where is your nearest store to Birmingham?' - easily handled by a chatbot programmed to fetch data from a set location.
  • Has the potential to be deployed to websites, apps, and Microsoft Teams, providing multiple channels to service customers and employees.
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Features of Power Virtual Agents

  • Build chatbots with little to no development experience
  • Includes Power Automate functionality at no extra cost! Utilise the automation strength of Power Automate to retrieve live information, e.g. the weather, when a virtual agent is asked 'will it rain today?'
  • Make your bots available across various languages and in different places, e.g. Microsoft Teams, your website and your social media accounts. That's just the beginning!
  • The artificially intelligent bots will learn as they talk to your customers and employees, improving conversations all the time
  • Track the responses to your chatbot and measure your KPIs against the metrics produced by the conversations had
  • Rely on world-class security services provided by Microsoft so that you can be sure of compliance across GDPR and other regulations in your location
Virtual Agents use cases

Power Virtual Agents Use Cases

Power Virtual Agents can be added into your existing business processes easily, giving back time to your users so they can provide expertise in more pressing areas.

Some common uses of Power Virtual Agents are:

  • Answering customer questions about products or services, e.g. opening hours or further shop information
  • Tracking the COVID-19 infection rate across various locations and countries

  • Embedded into Microsoft Teams for your organisation, the chatbot can handle frequently asked employee questions for businesses e.g. remaining annual leave

As you can see, these are only a few of the countless uses for chatbots that can help your team save time and effort and communicate better.

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Licence & Pricing

Power Virtual Agents Licensing and Pricing

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can be utilised immediately through your Microsoft 365 tenant. Users will require individual licences for Power Virtual Agents, which are free of charge. This individual licence allows users to create bots. 

The costs occur in line with the number of billed sessions, i.e. conversations between a bot and a user, and are charged as per the below.

A 'billed session' is defined as a conversation exceeding 60 minutes or 100 turns, or the conversation comes to an end before this point.

Power Virtual Agents licence per tenant:

£150.80 per month for 2,000 sessions

Sessions add-ons:

£75.40 per month for 1,000 additional sessions

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We are a Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Partner specialising in the full spectrum of products across Microsoft's Power Platform. Whether you need assistance from the beginning with Power Virtual Agents, or a little helping hand to advance your expertise, our experts would love to chat.

The Power People have extensive experience in implementing Power Virtual Agents, from the start to the end of the process. We can suggest strategic goals, help you derive all the benefits from the Power Platform, as well as conducting the implementation and support that follows.

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Our Experts

The Power People team are well versed in conducting projects across the Power Platform. Start a conversation with our experts today and discover the possibilities available within Power Virtual Agents and beyond.

Our team is made up of talented individuals who are specialised across all Power Platform products, and have the knowledge to advise and guide you in any way you require.

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Power Virtual Agents FAQs

Are Microsoft Power Virtual Agents the same as Chatbots?

Power Virtual Agents are, in a simplified definition, chatbots which live on your website or inside an app such as Microsoft Teams. They engage with customers, employees or other users and answer those repetitive questions to save your employees time and effort.

Where can Power Virtual Agents be used?

Power Virtual Agents can be used across a range of applications, such as your custom Power Apps. It is included in Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Customer Service as standard. Microsoft Teams can be used to answer frequent employee questions. Dynamics 365 Customer Service can utilise Virtual Agents for customer queries.

What is included in Power Virtual Agents?

You can utilise Power Automate functionality within your Virtual Agents conversations, so that flows are initiated via the actions within the chatbot's conversation. Read more about adding flows to chatbots on Microsoft's website here.

What is the benefit of using Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents have been shown to reduce ROI by 261% over three years, require 50% less time from your customer support staff when handling requests and demand 80% less effort to create the bots than the previous processes. Click here to read the study conducted by Forrester, where this data was uncovered.

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