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Healthspan are a vitamins and supplements company based in Guernsey. They employ over 100 people in Guernsey, Gosport, Swindon, Dublin and other offices overseas.

Healthspan serve customers worldwide – supporting omni-channel, accepting orders by phone, mail, webstores and on subscriptions as well as integrating into marketplace platforms. To support the rapid growth in all aspects of the business, they decided they needed an enterprise resource planning solution, went to market and met TNP.

Helen Colmer, Director of Business Systems at Healthspan, was impressed with TNP’s "enthusiasm for Dynamics NAV" as the enterprise resource planning software they work with. She says, "I met with the consultants who raised enthusiasm within the stakeholders & project team. I was certainly impressed by their offering with such a wide knowledge base. They were clearly specialists not only in the chosen area but were wise to other technology out there". Healthspan decided to join the TNP family.

"We knew Dynamics NAV was not only the product, but TNP the Partner for us"

Short Timescales

Having decided they needed a new system, Healthspan were in a hurry. Together TNP and Healthspan undertook a ‘Hot Week’ which enabled the project to be scoped quickly and effectively. Thanks to careful planning, the project was completed in well under a year.

Helen observes "although we were hard pushed to meet our deadline date, I believe that we managed to achieve what seemed the impossible at the time because of the amount of resource effort TNP put on the project. Having a good Project Manager and Lead Consultant was key the ‘Go Live’ success. They were, and still are, very flexible". She goes on, "all of the team are experts in multiple areas. I particularly appreciate the way in which everyone at TNP communicate across their departments which improves ever growing knowledge and in turn development / solution efficiency".

Long Relationships

Healthspan went live 4 ½ years ago. Since then, as Healthspan’s business has grown and evolved, the joint team has had many new requirements to address. Dynamics NAV, and the original implementation, was designed to make this easy.

There are always a number of workstreams underway. Many of these involve Senior Consultant Michael Bo Peterson. Michael says, "we love helping Healthspan deal with the many interesting and complex requirements their growth demands. We enjoy the partnership. It doesn’t feel like a traditional customer/supplier relationship".

Based on these solid foundations Healthspan have a three-year plan which doesn’t include much downtime for TNP. Helen says, "ultimately, the investment in the product and the partnership has been totally worth it".

We look forward to continuing to support Healthspan on their journey.


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