Sweaty Betty

TNP help Sweaty Betty pick up their pace

Time to make a change

Sweaty Betty’s mission is to empower women to look and feel amazing while living an active life. Founded in Notting Hill, London, in 1998 by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton, the company offers activewear that combines body sculpting technology with a fashion-forward aesthetic.

Given the pace of their growth Sweaty Betty quickly outgrew the capabilities of their existing CBR retail system. The team filled gaps with spreadsheet-based processes and lots of manual workarounds – but this wasn’t sustainable. There was scope for lots of human error and a real lack of visibility at a departmental level.

Dan Nicholson, VP of IT, said: "our legacy systems could not support us and were going to slow the growth we enjoy".

Finding the right fit

Sweaty Betty ran a rigorous race between a number of competitive software products and providers. TNP and Dynamics 365 Business Central stood out as clear winners for Sweaty Betty.



Sweaty Betty had a strong internal team and wanted to take on more of the work themselves. Dan adds , "not many Partners are comfortable with customers running parts of their projects – but TNP weren’t scared".

Strong Core

Holly Steele, IT Change Delivery Manager, explains, "because we run so many different systems, integration was vital for us. Business Central will create a stable foundation for data sharing across the business that we can then use to enhance the business as we go forward. We needed a platform that we could integrate into all of the legacy systems, but also giving us flexibility for future integrations. This was where Business Central really distinguished itself".

Results Oriented

Together with TNP, Sweaty Betty are going to reduce month end from three weeks to five days, and the departments there are already excited to make the move, with lots of engagement across the business.

Team Effort

TNP staff contributed passion, product knowledge, industry specific experience and a proven track record of successful deployments. Sweaty Betty contributed commitment, ambition and an intimate knowledge of their own business. Toni Hamblett, the TNP Project Manager, brought the two groups together to create a functional team. Toni adds, "we got a really good working relationship going quickly – right from the beginning. Sweaty Betty were so enthusiastic. When the customer takes as much ownership of the product as we do – projects always go well".


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In a Nutshell


Sweaty Betty



Business requirement

A single solution for sharing data across the business that integrates with legacy systems and flexibility for future integrations


Implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing Sweaty Betty to reduce month end from three weeks to five days

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