English Heritage

TNP are an 'exemplary support partner'

A well-founded history

English Heritage are one of the UK’s biggest charities, with an annual budget of over £100 million. They care for over 400 historic buildings, sites and monuments that welcome over 10 million people each year. In 2018 English Heritage signed up their one millionth member – a massive milestone for the charity.

English Heritage implemented Dynamics NAV in 2014 because they could no longer live with a finance system that had no integrated stock functionality. Each month the finance team had to chase each of their sites for a paper-based return. English Heritage needed a solution that would resolve this inefficiency and give them greater visibility and control. These changes would support their intention to become a charity. They selected a partner who had a POS product that allowed for Gift Aid to be automatically added to the ticketing system, which was a rarity at the time.

A forced move

Roll forward six years, that partner went into administration. TNP stepped in and volunteered to honour the balance of the support contract that English Heritage had already paid for. Kevin Churchill, their Vendor Manager, says "we’d heard good things about TNP and hoped the forced transition between partners would go well". In practice Kevin found TNP more on the ball than the previous partner: "it gave a lot of confidence to the business… that we had this support partner ready to go and who could hit the ground running for us".

"TNP were on it, they cared"

Old friends and a new benchmark

Since the move, English Heritage have renewed with TNP. They now think that TNP have set the benchmark for all their suppliers.

Kevin is also pleased to see that TNP have chosen to hire some familiar faces – people he had worked with before like Engagement Manager Sue Rorrison. Sue is a keen golfer who joined TNP in 2020 having worked with NAV for nearly 4 years.

Kevin acknowledges that TNP’s decision to pair up new staff and customers, providing "continuity of knowledge", is appreciated by him and his team. He says, "the relationship I’ve got with Sue is brilliant - it’s open, it’s transparent. We easily bounce ideas off each other. TNP know how to keep the customer supported".

Being a charity, English Heritage "do what we can with the means we’ve got". Business Central is on their agenda but Kevin has other more immediate priorities – to move away from some other legacy systems and working with Sue and other TNP staff to integrate a new online shop with their Dynamics NAV system.

We were delighted to welcome English Heritage and Sue to the TNP family.


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