Hotel and Hospitality ERP

Our Hotel and Hospitality Management System offers one complete software solution covering all the processes in hospitality!

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Achieve back office zen!

Sadly Hotel and Hospitably back-office teams often find themselves much lower down the pecking order than the front-office PMS and EPOS teams. However, the standards that are expected of them are high; carrying out advanced processes and in-depth business analysis are considered part of the course! Luckily, with the right back-office system life can be made so much easier allowing for ease of reporting and automation of complex processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central offer the path to back-office zen! As they are full ERP systems you get an extensive tool-kit of functionality including real time reporting, purchase order & inventory management, sales & general ledgers to name a few (check out the full list of functionality below)! You can implement the parts of the solution that fit within your current infrastructure as a fully integrated core back office. Predicting future growth? Rest safe in the knowledge that Dynamics NAV / Business Central can grow with your business needs!

By making Dynamics NAV / Business Central your core system you will gain a single financial version of the truth. No more reporting on multiple systems and companies to understand your business; Dynamics NAV / Business Central can fully integrate with your PMS and EPOS systems meaning you can report in real time on your revenue, costs and KPI’s directly in Dynamics NAV / Business Central.
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Deployment is as flexible as your requirements:

  • Software - can be purchased with as single costs or on a subscription / Software as a Service (SaaS) basis
  • Hardware - you can install on your own servers, a 3rd party server, on TNP's hosted Azure environment, or on the Microsoft cloud. This offers you all the flexibility of using your current hardware or an offsite / cloud solution with a monthly cost.
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Hear from one of our customers - Kempinski Hotels

Keen to embrace the benefits of technology, Kempinski Hotels wanted an enterprise resource planning solution that could deliver efficiency gains within each hotel and increase visibility into expenses across the entire organisation. Budget was a key component of the project, the chosen solution needed to deliver on investment and have the capacity to scale and expand as the company grew.

Read the story here

Typical Deployment Functionality

A typical deployment would include the below functionality but it can be scaled up or down to suit your requirements. Our aim is to make Dynamics NAV / Business Central fit your current estate and reduce the number of applications you need!

Ease of Access

  • PC
  • Webpage
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • Automated Reports distributed via email – Daily Flash etc.
  • Reports can be requested via email. e.g. ‘What revenue has an Agent Delivered and Commission paid?’

General Ledger

  • Fully integrated to all other system
  • All statistical capture to allow easy KPI reporting (Sleep, Dinner, RevPAR etc.)

Sales Ledger

  • Full management of the sales ledger from Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Invoices can be amended direct from Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Payments taken directly
  • Credit Control

Purchase Order Management

  • Full purchasing process for stock and non-stock
  • 3 Way PO matching
  • POs can be raised in Dynamics NAV / Business Central or via an Excel form that is emailed to Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Purchase Order (PO) approval process, with approval of PO within Dynamics NAV / Business Central or via email for non-system users. Very useful to get approval from colleagues on the move like General and Area Managers!

Fixed Asset Management

  • Depreciation
  • Tracking

Bank Account Management

  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple currencies
  • Auto bank reconciliation with your bank statements
  • Suppler payments - bank integration for payments (SEPA)


  • Live personalised KPI on user’s role centre (the role centre is the dashboard in Dynamics NAV / Business Central)
  • Live Excel report direct from Dynamics NAV / Business Central. If a transaction is posted in Dynamics NAV / Business Central it will show in your excel report immediately!

Inventory Management

  • Orders of products
  • Receiving products to kitchens and cellars
  • Transfer orders - cellars to bars
  • Stocktake of locations, with inventory corrections


  • Record multiple budgets in Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Record multiple forecast in Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Upload for Excel


  • VAT management
  • Foreign currency management

nHanced Functionality

  • Document management on all records in Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Document scanning. POs and Invoices can be scanned into Dynamics NAV / Business Central which will automatically attach to the correct record in Dynamics NAV / Business Central
  • Purchase Order approval within Dynamics NAV / Business Central and via email
  • Electronic Forms – Users can complete forms in Excel that are emailed to Dynamics NAV / Business Central and are automatically imported
  • Expense teams can complete expenses on the go, capturing the receipts in the system as they are incurred via the Dynamics NAV / Business Central phone App.


Property Management System

  • Revenues
  • Statistics, rooms sold, sleepers, no shows etc.
  • Customers
  • Sales invoices
  • Sales ledger
  • Deposit management

EPOS – Till System

  • Revenue by location
  • KPIs
  • Transfer orders


  • Costs by department
  • KPIs