ERP for the Professional Services Industry

Delivering the only all-in-one ERP & PSA solution available in an integrated platform for Professional Services Businesses

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ERP & PSA for Professional Services Businesses

We work with all manner of companies who sell and deliver a range of services thanks to their talented and skilled staff. Companies much like our own! Whether it’s helping project managers drive successful and profitable projects, easing the administrative burden on consultants or streamlining and automating financial processes we can help your professional services business run smoother and smarter.

We do this by implementing the only all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution & PSA Microsoft solution available in an integrated platform; Progressus PSA – an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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The situation for most Professional Services Businesses

Does this sound like you?

You are a business that sells services – it could be that those services make up your core business model (such as software consultancy, legal or financial services), or your services might form one part of your company’s offering (like a pharmaceutical manufacturer who also sells their clinical experts’ time). Your business model means that you need a way of controlling your projects and budgets, managing time and expenses, invoicing accurately, and at the end of it all, assessing how projects have performed against KPIs.

…And, of course, you have ways and means of doing each of those things. But you also struggle with managing multiple systems, some of those systems being integrated, others not, meaning that your core processes are disjointed and your staff have to re-enter the same information in several places. Your consultants dread having to do their timesheets because the process is arduous and time-consuming and your project managers struggle to control their projects and get good insight into performance. All of this adds up to your employees being frustrated and a general feeling that things need to be improved…somehow!

All-in-one ERP & PSA – it’s not just a pipe-dream!

Whilst traditional manufacturing and distribution companies have enjoyed fully integrated systems for decades thanks to all-in-one ERP solutions which allow them to manage all their processes; production, warehousing, finance, reporting etc, companies in the professional services sector have been left to wrestle with separate finance and resource management systems to manage their time-based business model. Those companies who sell both time and product have been particularly poorly served. It has been generally accepted that this is the status quo and is simply an industry challenge that has to be lived with.

Nirvana is attainable

However, the solution to this problem is out-there in the form of a fully integrated, all-in-one, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & PSA (Professional Service Automation) solution which means that you can run every single business process in the same solution. No re-entering of data, no complex cross-system integrations, no using of excel to bridge the gap. Rather you have all your data in one place meaning project managers can drive successful projects, consultants waste less time on data entry, the finance team can operate more efficiently and automate manual processes, and management can easily gain insight into performance through key operational metrics.

We help you get there!

Here at The NAV | 365 People we help services businesses make that possibility a reality by implementing and supporting Progressus PSA - an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which gives our customers advanced project & resource management and complete project accounting, enabling them to have full control over their projects and overall business.

Special Product

What makes Progressus ERP & PSA special?

It is the only ERP & PSA in an integrated platform

Other PSA solutions, such as Microsoft Project Operations, are ultimately still separate systems which are then tacked on an ERP. Progressus, on the other hand, extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is an integral part of the ERP solution itself.

It is native to the Microsoft Power Platform

Meaning that you have one app platform for Office 365 and Dynamics 365, so you can flow business processes seamlessly across apps. What’s more, staff have the ability to tailor their own work experiences with familiar tools they already use.

Building blocks

The History of Progressus PSA

There was once a US based accounting software developer called Solomon. In 2000, Solomon was acquired by Great Plains – another accounting software product developer. In 2001, Great Plains was acquired by Microsoft, who then went on to acquire NavisionNavision became Dynamics NAV, which in turn became Dynamics 365 Business Central. Great Plains became Dynamics GP.

Solomon became Dynamics SL. Progressus is the ISV solution that Microsoft are recommending to 1,000s of Dynamics SL customers – but it has much broader appeal. Progressus is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is designed to serve the needs of professional service and project-based businesses.

We liked it so much…we decided to implement it ourselves! We’ve just completed our own 'Day in the Life' process on ourselves. We’re excited by the productivity improvements Progressus will deliver to our business. We’d be delighted to explore what it could do for yours too!

Right ERP & PSA Partner

Why we are the right ERP & PSA Partner to help you!

We are one of just two partners in the UK who implement Progressus and are the UK’s number 1 Partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central. We have over 3,700 combined years’ implementation and support experience and a proven track record of supporting services-based businesses. Plus, we are a services-based business ourselves – delivering implementation projects and selling our ever-so-clever consultants’ time.

So we get it! We understand the challenges and frustrations that services businesses face and can help you overcome them to drive successful and profitable projects whilst also giving your consultants an easy-to-use system.

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How Progressus ERP & PSA can make life easier for everyone!

Presales & Setup

Easy & consistent set up which takes under 1 minute.

Budget & Planning

Smooth planning with full access to information. Acts as part of the Outlook calendar. Very easy to make changes.

Time & Expense

Done in Outlook, mobile and other everyday working tools making for a nice, familiar experience.

Invoicing & Revenue Recognition

An integrated process which is presented as the client wishes. IFRS compliant.

Control & Analyse

Project & Business Insight with full access to data and visualised as needed.

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Chat to us to find out how we could help you!

Whether you have a specific idea of what you'd like to achieve or if you'd like to discover what you don't yet know we'd love to chat with you about how your systems could transform to help your professional services business work better, faster and smarter.

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