'People are very impressed with the solution – it’s improved our accuracy and enables us to work in real time. You can’t do that with paper!'

Dynamics NAV now feels more natural

Weleda manufacture holistic natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Founded in 1921, they now operate in over 50 countries, employing over 2,000 people worldwide. Having implemented Dynamics NAV some years before, Weleda first got together with TNP in 2018, having received a strong recommendation. Their early experience with TNP support quickly validated the decision.

James Charters, IT Manager at Weleda, then observed that employees were “laboriously sitting in front of NAV and typing stuff in over and over again. It took a lot of time and effort and took them away from the job that they were supposed to be doing”. Many of their warehouse procedures relied heavily on a paper-based system.

Efficient and sustainable

Having decided that a change needed to be made, Weleda worked with TNP to implement Tasklet, a handheld solution that is tightly integrated with Dynamics NAV. The objective was to remove the paper-based processes from within the warehouse and dispatch areas of the business.

James says, “people are very impressed with the solution – it’s improved our accuracy and enables us to work in real time. You can’t do that with paper!” The project has helped them become more efficient AND advance their sustainability agenda – something that is closely aligned with their core values.

Weleda meet Mike

Mike Hannam, NAV Developer at TNP, worked on Weleda’s project. He’s been working with Dynamics NAV for 6 years! He says, “there was a good working rapport with the team at Weleda which allowed to us quickly answer questions and resolve issues. They were open to suggestions on how we adopt the standard Tasklet processes to minimise bespoke software changes, whilst staying true to their plans and aspirations”.

Now Weleda are set up with Tasklet, they’re looking at how to further reduce their paper consumption across the business and are talking to TNP to build a roadmap for the future. James says, “I feel like there’s a lot more confidence with TNP than we’ve ever had in any other IT supplier relationship”. We look forward to continuing to serve.

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