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Easily Adaptable ERP for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

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What is Dynamics NAV?

Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision) is an easily adaptable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which helps small and medium-sized businesses to automate and connect their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and stock management.

It covers all your business processes from finance and purchasing to warehouse management and general reporting. Plus, it’s super flexible and can be customised to fit your business no matter what your industry.

Going forwards, when we talk about Dynamics NAV features and functionality, we will be referring to those available to you in the latest version – Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Features & Functionality
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Upgrading Dynamics NAV

There’s never been a better time to upgrade! By upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, you not only have a platform that doesn’t require large, time-consuming updates – you also have a system that’s safe, secure and fit-for-purpose!

In our experience, a lot of businesses upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central because they’ve been using versions of Dynamics NAV that are outdated. And as many of these products reach end-of-support, meaning Microsoft ceases any and all updates, it’ll become harder and harder to resolve issues – particularly when it comes to security.

For many businesses, robust security is an industry or regulatory requirement. They need to have up-to-date security across all areas of their business and so they remain or upgrade to a supported Dynamics NAV version. Of course, upgrading can be a daunting task; it requires time, money and resource – often more than some businesses are willing to part with. There are options to suit all requirements, and don't worry, we won’t ever force you to upgrade and can continue to support your existing solution!

Dynamics NAV Upgrading Explained
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Our Project Methodology

Get the basics set up fast and get your users' hands on the system

Here at TNP, we concentrate on the important stuff. Most people buy something, put it away, sell it, manage the cash and work out how much money they've made in some way. We make sure we get the basics right before we deal with your complexities.

We follow our tried and tested 'Day in the Life' methodology, successfully implementing Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central into hundreds of happy companies. See our step-by-step project methodology and imagine a scenario for your business needs.

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Optimising Older Dynamics NAV Systems

Many of our customers are on older versions, with the majority using versions that pre-date the current Role Tailored Client (RTC) visual style interface (we call these 'Classic' versions). However, while we support customers with older Dynamics NAV systems, we love to talk about bringing our customers into the new world of Dynamics 365 Business Central. That said, we also recognise the financial and time pressures may mean people want to stay on their old version for now.

If this sounds familiar and you are not ready for the jump into the new world, fear not as there are a lot of things you can do to your current system to get a boost. Our founder can often be heard using the phrase Lipstick on a Pig which refers to improving your Classic NAV system.

At TNP, we never push people to upgrade before they are ready, and we happily provide support for older Dynamics NAV systems until customers are ready to move on. We can support functional code in any old version. Of course, we can’t change the fundamental kernel of these older systems. This means that as Microsoft drops support for security fixes for these older versions, there will always be some risk in staying on these systems that is harder for us to mitigate. But rest assured, we will do what we can to keep your old beauty running.

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Disaster Recovery Dr

Disaster Recovery

Do you have a Disaster Recovery strategy in place to protect your business systems from ransomware? If the answer is yes, how confident are you in that strategy to get your business up and running again in the event of an attack?

We can help you to ensure your integral systems are backed up and recoverable if the worst should happen.

If you don't currently have a strategy in place, we offer a Disaster Recovery consultation to map out a strategy for you, identifying weaknesses and preparing a plan to fix the issues.

In either case, our expert team can give you confidence in your business' ability to survive a ransomware attack.

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Managed Services

Our skilled Managed Services team are experts in all things IT infrastructure. This includes the infrastructure surrounding your Dynamics NAV solution.

They can assist you with:

  • Hosting Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Azure or in a Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Deployments
  • The various Dynamics NAV clients, e.g. web, tablet, phone
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Azure Single Sign-on
  • Fully Managed Environments

But this list is not exclusive! Click here to learn more about what our Managed Services team can do for you.

Our Managed Services team
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Azure Integration Services and Dynamics NAV

In Dynamics NAV and Business Central, web services or APIs have been a solution since 2013, enabling direct communication and real-time feedback on data transfer success or errors. This immediate interaction enhances data reliability, establishing APIs as a fundamental element in contemporary integration for any modern web service or API-enabled solution.
Azure Integration Services (AIS) is a key toolset in Microsoft's Azure platform, transforming Dynamics NAV integration. By eliminating bespoke code and using standardised blocks in Azure, AIS ensures consistency across projects, enhancing efficiency in Dynamics NAV and Business Central integration.

Read more about how AIS can help you to integrate your Dynamics NAV solution without the need for bespoke code in our blog.

Read our blog on integration
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Dynamics NAV Add-ons

Dynamics NAV is a wonderful product, and in our view, the best on the market when considering its depth of functionality and its incredible flexibility. But like with all solutions, customers often purchase external solutions to deal with Document Management, Print Management, Reporting, and often to improve functional areas such as Credit Control. So, we took the most common additional user needs and created our range of add-ons to offer you that extra extended versatility of your system.

Along with our own add-ons, we work with a number of third-party partners to provide you with further Dynamics NAV add-ons to enhance your system, covering things like Ecommerce, Business Intelligence, Mobile, Retail, Warehousing, and much more! We have a limited number of partners who together with TNP provide you with fully integrated, additional functionality to your system.

Dynamics NAV Add-Ons
Online teaching

Dynamics NAV Training

Training is essential if you want to get the most out of your Dynamics NAV system. We provide a range of free training courses designed to enhance your understanding and knowledge, enabling you to get the most out of your system. 

Our most popular courses include:

  • Introduction in a Day: Want to learn more about Dynamics NAV? This training session is an introduction to the Role Tailored Client and standard functionality in Dynamics NAV.
  • Finance 101: This training course is designed for anyone new to the Finance module in Dynamics NAV – and perfect if you’re new to the Finance Department or Finance in general.
  • Manufacturing 101: Develop your understanding of the Manufacturing module in Dynamics NAV with this free training.
  • Purchasing 101: Our Purchasing 101 course is for anyone new to Purchasing Departments or those looking to get a basic understanding of the Purchasing module in Dynamics NAV.
  • Sales and CRM 101: Come along to this training course to understand the capabilities of the CRM Module in Dynamics NAV and its uses.
  • Warehouse Management 101: This training course is for warehouse managers who’d like to develop their understanding of the Warehouse Module in Dynamics NAV.
View our training courses here

Check out our Top Resources:

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TNP's Ultimate Guide - 11th Edition!

Our Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive document tailored for Dynamics NAV users, spanning from its inception as Navision to the cutting-edge Business Central. Discover top-notch insights on upgrading, add-ons, system performance optimisation and more.

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Jet Reports 101

Jet Reports 101 Webinar

An overview of functionality within Excel will be included and we will show you how to design and run your own reports, create a simple list and how to filter that list.

Watch recording here
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Improving Dynamics NAV Performance

Ever had the feeling of “the system’s gone slow!”? In this blog post Ian Humphries, Founder of TNP, explains what you should be looking for if your system has hit a performance issue.

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Getting more out of your older system

In this webinar, we will cover everything from how you can get the most out of your current older Dynamics NAV solution with our nHanced 365 products to how upgrading may not be so far away after all with our bridging solutions.

Watch the recording here
Scale up

Can my Dynamics NAV solution scale?

Some software products are designed for small user counts with no intention of being used by the hundreds or even tens of users. Others are designed to be used at scale, where you could have a small user count, but economics and complexity rules that out. Where does NAV fit?

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Dynamics NAV Keyboard Shortcuts

We all like to save precious seconds in the day so take a look at our list of shortcuts specifically for Dynamics NAV to help you work faster and look like a pro!

Learn the shortcuts
Is NAV still supported

Is Dynamics NAV Still Supported? 

Mainstream support for Dynamics NAV ended at the beginning of 2023

Starting its journey as Navision in 1980, Dynamics NAV has evolved into an indispensable tool for numerous businesses. The approaching end of its mainstream support raises valid concerns.

In light of the swift advancements in cloud-based ERP solutions, devising a strategy for a Dynamics NAV upgrade is advantageous, ensuring your organisation benefits from a perpetually updated platform.

Explore the support timeline and vital dates for Dynamics 365 Business Central, understand the interim advantages of extended NAV support for your organisation, and learn how we can guide and assist you throughout your Enterprise Resource Planning upgrade process.

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NAV Dr - Acilio

Dynamics NAV Health Check

Thinking of moving Dynamics NAV partner? Then you need the NAV Dr!

Unhappy with the performance of your Dynamics NAV system or the quality of service provided by your current partner? Maybe you want strategic advice and better value for money? Whatever the problem, our NAV Doctor services can help. We provide any unhappy users with a free Dynamics NAV ‘Health Check. This health check is designed to get to the root of issues and provide advice or action points to sort them out! A health check could also stop you upgrading unnecessarily!

This is essentially a partnership between you and us. We’ll share our knowledge and experience to provide better advice and support, all with the purpose of driving positive outcomes. We’ll not only identify and remedy your current problems, we’ll also build a solid platform for you to leverage the true capability of your system.

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Dynamics NAV Support

How our support offering differs from others?

We have 367 NAV People in the company, with over 60 of those in our Dynamics NAV support team, all waiting to deal with your queries and problems; we have someone for every Dynamics NAV eventuality and can support you every step of the way!

All of our team are experienced consultants who come to work each day with one purpose:  to deliver high quality, value-for-money service. Always at the end of the phone, they are more than happy to assist in any way they can; whether it's a systems issue, functional question, process advice or training request, our team are here to help.

  • Training - knowing how to use your system means you should get the most out of it. Our free online training sessions enable your users to feel more empowered in their daily tasks
  • Support staff - with over 60 dedicated support staff and a plethora of SMEs to choose from. We have a vast bank of knowledge that they can be call upon at the drop of a hat. So if a member of our team doesn't know the answer, they can reach out to our network of knowledgeable people to find the solution
  • Minor mods service - require a small modification to your system? If it can be done in less than an hour, then it's free of charge. This comes as part of your support contract. Quick win changes can make all the difference to your users
  • Out of hours support - no one can predict when those issues will arise. So when they do, you can trust our knowledgeable team will pick up the phone to help in your hour of need
  • SLAs - regardless of your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central version, our service level agreements mean that we will support you forever, and endeavour to do so in a professional and timely manner
  • NAV Nurse - supporting our customers by pre-empting system problems before they become an issue is the best course of action. As part of our customer support package, we offer an online monitoring service called the NAV Nurse. It tracks key indicators of your Dynamics NAV system's health, all in real-time. The NAV Nurse constantly monitors your system and will alert us to problems before they've reached a critical point.
Learn more about our support
Our Incredible People

Our Incredible People

The number one Dynamics NAV partner and reseller in the UK

We’ve been champions of Dynamics NAV for so long that the majority of our team have spent most of their adult life working with it! Most of our team have roles devoted entirely to specific aspects of the system, resulting in an incredible amount of experience across the entire business.

In fact, if you were to combine our experience, we would have over 4,000 years of experience working with it (yes, we’ve done the math).

Every single member of our team, is passionate about this amazing Microsoft technology. With our experience, we’re confident that we have the expertise and experience to solve any and every Dynamics NAV issue under the sun. So whatever your requirement (or question), we can help!

More about our incredible people
Our Dynamics NAV experts are on hand to help in any way you require