Datek Solutions

IT solution and services provider underpins long-term growth with solution from TNP

The Datek Solutions Story

Datek Solutions have been supplying IT hardware, managing IT support, solutions and strategy for a range of clients since 1998. With an award winning reputation for excellent customer service, the company has now grown to boast an annual turnover of £16m.

Datek attributes this success to the fact that they don’t use a one-size fits all approach. They get to know their client’s business, the people, what it needs and how they can support them to give the best fit solutions at the best possible prices.

If there’s a solution that their client needs, or one they already have and it’s essential they support it, they make sure they know everything there is to know about it. When it comes to their own business they want to find like-minded suppliers that can support them in their quest to deliver the best.

"TNP is my 4th emergency service!"

Datek's Business Requirement

When Datek found its Sage Line 50 accounting system wasn’t making the grade, they knew it was time for change. With a fast growing business, it was increasingly difficult to track the serial numbers associated with customer transactions. An initial fix with a third party solution that integrated with Sage and managed the transactions, unfortunately this resulted in system and usability issues, it just wasn’t what they needed.

Applying their usual customer approach to their own business, Datek looked for a solution that could meet their current and future needs.

The Solution

So, how did they go about it? By following a recommendation! Datek identified that Microsoft Dynamics NAV was an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that could deliver the functionality and scalability they required. The next step – to find a solution provider to tailor Dynamics NAV to their needs. From three shortlisted companies, Datek selected TNP for their experience and know-how.

"Ten years on & Datek remain a satisfied customer of TNP - and zealous users of Dynamics NAV!"

Malcolm Kanter, Director at Datek explains, "if doctors make the worst patients, then companies who provide IT services certainly make for discerning, some might say fussy clients! From the first meeting, it was clear this was a company that understood the product and genuinely loved what they did. TNP stood out because they demonstrated a clear understanding of the solution and how it could support our business".

Developing a platform for future growth

Ten years on and Datek remain a satisfied customer of TNP - and zealous users of Dynamics NAV. 

Always looking to improve, Datek now uses the solution across many departments:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing

Malcolm comments, "we have thirty employees in the company and we all use Dynamics NAV. Everything we do from quoting, processing orders, invoicing, purchasing and managing stock is processed and tracked by the system".

Supply Chain Management

Keeping track of serial numbers was a key requirement and Datek logs every product, providing a detailed history of that part, its warranty and which customer buys it. Not only has this contributed to its award winning reputation for excellent customer service  it also helped one customer in particular:

Malcolm explains, "following a burglary a customer required the serial numbers of the stolen hardware for the police and insurance company. They had purchased the equipment some time ago and called us in the hope that we had a record. Within a few minutes we were able to provide all the product details. This small task made a big impact with the customer, they were having a tough day and we had helped to make life a little easier".

"TNP allayed our concerns and delivered a customised solution that met our needs"

Datek also uses the supply chain management module to track inventory, manage customer orders and for warehouse management.

Malcolm comments, "we have been using Dynamics NAV since 2005 and over the years our requirements of the solution have changed in response to business growth. TNP have executed every customisation we have requested, nothing is too difficult for Ian and his team".

Jet Reports

With a growing business, reporting was becoming more and more time consuming – a problem solved when TNP introduced the Datek finance team to Jet Reports from Jet Global, which is now used for daily reports of products shipped, invoice totals and gross profit generated.

"...[they] have executed every customisation we have requested"

Malcolm comments, "Jet Reports is quick and easy to use, with just a few mouse clicks we can generate the daily sales report, it’s given us a level of business clarity that we simply didn’t have before".

Business Benefits

  • Improved inventory management: With increased visibility of stock levels, Datek has improved their management of working capital, minimising money tied up in stock.
  • Business agility: The enhanced reporting of sales and service revenue has enabled Datek to be nimble in its service offering, responding to new technology trends.
  • Enhanced customer service: Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps Datek to record interactions with customers across all business functions, improving customer relationship management.

Malcolm comments, "we had a few concerns that Dynamics NAV would be a rigid solution and we would need to bend our processes to fit with the system. TNP allayed our concerns and delivered a customised solution that met our needs when we had a turnover of £6 million. Today, ten years on, we have a turnover of £16 million and TNP have worked to ensure the solution has grown with us. Ian, Matt and the team are fantastic; they are passionate about what they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. As far as I am concerned, TNP is my 4th emergency service!"

In a Nutshell


Datek Solutions


IT Services

Business requirement

Tracking of serial numbers against customer transactions


Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules used: Financial Management; Contact Management and Supply Chain Management including purchasing, sales, inventory tracking and warehousing.

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