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Business processes and monotonous tasks are transformed into simple background procedures through automated workflows. As a dedicated Microsoft Power Automate Partner, we can help you streamline your business to achieve maximum efficiency.

Power Automate
Power Automate

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) is a cloud-based workflow automation service, making up part of the Power Platform. Users can create and automate workflows, streamlining business processes, and transforming monotonous everyday tasks into simple background procedures.

Workflows can be scheduled to run at selected intervals, triggered manually, or triggered automatically by an action, like the creation of a file or the receipt of an email. The pre-built connectors harnessed by Power Apps and Power BI are available to Power Automate too, allowing everything from simple 1-to-1 integrations to expansive, complex business workflows with branching conditions and multiple integrations.  

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Benefits of Power Automate

Benefits of Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is an incredibly powerful solution, capable of automating those typically repetitive tasks and reducing time wastage. Connect the applications around your business with the data held in multiple sources. Bring together various processes by utilising thousands of pre-existing templates ready for you to get started with.

Some of the numerous benefits of Power Automate:

  • Build flows using a drag-and-drop interface
  • Many connectors already exist, ready for you to drop straight into your flows
  • Utilise AI Builder to introduce artificial intelligence into your flows - scan and detect images and text, process forms and more
  • Integrate Power Automate into Microsoft Teams for boosted productivity
Power Automate

Features of Power Automate

Power Automate contains world-class automation features designed by Microsoft to make your working day easier.

We love the features Power Automate can empower you with:

  • Power Automate can be accessed through web, mobile, tablet and Teams apps
  • Robotic process automation (attended and unattended)
  • Process advisor for identifying the bottlenecks in your workflows

We're a Microsoft Power Automate Partner, specialising in the entire Power Platform spectrum. We love how the applications work seamlessly together and the possibilities of Power Automate.

Uses of Power Automate

Here are some template examples that you can use freely. They have already been created and exist on the Microsoft website. You can easily utilise them alongside your Power Apps or Power BI solutions, or completely separate! As you can see from the examples, triggers from Outlook, Power BI, Microsoft Forms and more can set Power Automate into action. 

Outlook 400x400

Automatically save email attachments

Save Office 365 email attachments to specified OneDrive for Business folder

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Power BI 400x400

Trigger Power BI data-driven alerts

Trigger a flow with a Power BI alert based on your data

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Forms 400x400

Start an approval process

Start an approval process and send an email on Microsoft Form submission

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Licence & Pricing

Power Automate Licensing

The licensing structure for Power Automate allows you to have the flexibility to get the best price for your use of the solution. This is done through 'per user' or 'per flow' pricing. 

Licence per user = £11.30 per month

Licence per user with robotic process automation (RPA) = £30.20 per month

Licence per flow (minimum of five flows) = £75.40 per month

As a Microsoft Power Automate Partner, we are able to assist you with any queries you may have around licensing. Please do contact us for a free licensing consultation to discuss your business requirements. 

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The Power People Offering

The Power People are a Microsoft Power Automate Partner. We have a team of experts ready and able to help you uncover the possibilities available with Power Automate.

Our Discovery Call offering will uncover the gaps within your business that the Power Platform can bridge, automate and unite.

On this free of charge call, one of our Microsoft Power Automate consultants will walk through your business processes with you. They will highlight the areas in which the Power Platform could benefit the way you're currently working.

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Our Passionate Team

The Power People's Experts

The Power People are an experienced team, well versed in the intricacies of Microsoft's Power Platform. With years of experience in every product within the Power Platform, we are able to help whatever your circumstances.

Whether you're intrigued by the possibilities of Power Automate, or want to bring the excellent reporting capabilities of Power BI into your business, our experts can help you.

Get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to help with anything regarding the Power Platform. If it's Power Automate specifically, we'd be excited to explore the opportunities with you.

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Our Developed Solutions

Our Developed Solutions

Want to see the proof in the pudding? We've worked with numerous companies to develop solutions using Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Power Automate. That includes solutions that connect to your ERP, connect to other systems in your business, or live completely independently.

View our developed solutions across all of the Power Platform. It may give you some inspiration for what is possible using this technology - the sky is the limit! We've scoped and built solutions of all shapes and sizes.

Take a look through the examples today and get in touch if you see anything that sparks your inspiration. The Power Platform could bring efficiencies to your business that you didn't realise were possible.

Our Developed Solutions

Power Automate FAQs

What connectors are available for Power Automate?

There are countless connectors already available for Power Automate. You can view them here on Microsoft's website.

What is the difference between Power Automate and RPA?

Power Automate contains RPA (robotic process automation) functionality to automate those repetitive tasks that take up users' valuable time. Power Automate contains the possibility for attended and unattended RPA.

Is Power Automate included with Office 365?

Power Automate is included with certain types of Office licences. Office 365 E3 contains access to Power Automate, but the access and functionality are limited in comparison to a full, independent licence.

What's the difference between Power Automate and Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft rebranded Microsoft Flow to Power Automate in 2019. Therefore, Power Automate and Microsoft Flow are the same product, simply with an updated name. Power Automate fits into the Power Platform, where there is synergy between the product names.


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Power Automate Support

Have you already made gains with Power Automate? Are you further advanced in your research into the product? Perhaps you are only just scratching the surface of what Power Automate is capable of?

Either way, The Power People can offer you Microsoft Power Automate support and guidance, no matter where you are in your journey.

As a Microsoft Power Automate Partner, our experts can offer support with discovering your options, support for building your first app or flow or continued support following the build.

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Automate and Apps

Power Automate and Power Apps

Your Power Automate flows can be linked to your Power Apps solutions, meaning further automation and efficiency can be achieved. Simplifying your workflow is the aim, and the removal of repetitive manual tasks across departments will benefit everyone.

Whatever your business challenges, the combination of Power Automate and Power Apps could prove to be a monumental decision for your users. Build an app with The Power People and then automate the data flowing in and out of the app with Power Automate.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Power Automate can connect to various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP family to SAP and more.

The Power People is a sister brand of The NAV | 365 People, who specialise in offering the ERP solution Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is Microsoft's leading ERP system and it integrates seamlessly with all products within the Power Platform.

This is all thanks to the Dataverse (previously known as the Common Data Service), created by Microsoft to make it seamless to work in different applications, utilising and unifying your business data.

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Built on Azure

Azure Logic Apps

What is the difference between Power Automate and Logic Apps?

Fundamentally, Microsoft Power Automate and Logic Apps provide the same function: to streamline your business processes through workflows and automation. Azure Logic Apps simply takes it to the next level, using development and Azure to provide enterprise-level automation alongside Azure Dev-Ops and Visual Studio. Azure Logic Apps are part of the technologies that make up Azure Integration Services.

Where Power Automate is intended to aid you in self-service automation, Azure Logic Apps is to be utilised for advanced integrations. Azure Logic Apps add another level of complexity through advanced development tools and is designed to be used by developers. Power Automate is designed for business users without large amounts of development skill.

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