Dynamics NAV - C/Side Development Training

2 Day (10:00 - 15:00 GMT)
Virtual Classroom
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Course Overview

This two-day course runs every quarter and is designed for users who have a basic familiarity with the accounting and business management application of Dynamics NAV.

The course describes and explains the basic features of the Design elements in C/SIDE including Table Designer, Form Designer and the Menu Suite Designer. Our experienced Consultant will then guide you in how to write C/AL code.

A general knowledge of accounting and of computer programs is assumed, including a general knowledge of Windows conventions for using a mouse and click-and-drag techniques. Some previous experience with programming (such as PASCAL) is useful but not compulsory - however it is not a programmer course.

Programming experience is required or technical experience in using Dynamics NAV as an End-User.


10:00 Day 1 - Arrival & Coffee

10:15 Welcome

10:30 Session Overview

  • Introduction to databases - Architecture of Dynamics NAV
  • Objects - Object Designer, Tables, Pages, MenuSuites, Reports, XML Ports, Queries, Integrating with NAV
  • Introduction to C/AL - Applying Code to Objects, Codeunits, Processing Reports, Coding Standards

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Session Continued

  • Intermediate C/AL (may flow into day 2) - Functions, Parameters, Variables, Text Constants, Utilising Standard Functions, Filtering, Validation, Data Types, Flow Control, Flowfields, Temporary Tables

15:00 Q&A

09:00 Day 2 - Arrival & Coffee

09:15 Session Overview

  • Intermediate C/AL (contd)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Session Continued

  • Advanced C/AL - Debugging, Frequently used Codeunits/Functions, Performance awareness, Events, .NET data type

15:00 Meet the Team, Coffee & Close

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15 Mar 2022 - 16 Mar 2022 (FULL)
24 May 2022 - 25 May 2022