Maximising older Dynamics NAV systems without costly upgrades

Published on 09 Feb 2024

Topics: Dynamics NAV, Extending your solution

Can you teach an old NAV new tricks? In this age of rapid technological advancements, older Dynamics NAV (Navision) systems have proven their worth.

Systems installed in the 1990s still play a vital role in many businesses. However, the conversation about upgrading these solutions often arises. While upgrades offer new features and capabilities, not everyone can undertake them due to various constraints, such as time, cost, or more immediate business challenges. So, the question emerges: Can you teach an old NAV new tricks?


The Value of Older NAV Systems

Old Microsoft Navision and Dynamics NAV systems from the 1990s have stood the test of time, providing incredible value for money. Many of these systems were initially implemented by individuals who are still part of our team, at TNP.

Upgrade Challenges

Businesses often face obstacles when considering upgrades. Time, cost, uncertain future, or more pressing issues can make the upgrade path seem unattainable.

The Possibilities for Improvement

Despite the challenges of upgrading, older NAV systems can be enhanced in various ways, providing similar benefits to an upgrade.

Enhancing Old NAV Systems with Add-Ons

One approach involves integrating add-on solutions. These additions breathe new life into older NAV systems, optimising their functionality. Examples of add-ons include:


Continia Document Capture

Continia Document Capture is one of our favourite NAV add-on solutions. It adds a powerful document scanning capability that creates purchase invoices and matches them to purchase receipts. The beauty is that Continia still supports old versions, right back to NAV 3.7. Find out more at


MobileNAV, Anveo, and Tasklet Factory

These handheld app tools can be used for a wide range of NAV-related tasks. They provide out-of-the-box functionality like warehouse automation, service engineer support, and salesperson automation features. Running on iOS, Android, or even Windows Mobile, these solutions are a great way to quickly add handheld access to your NAV solution. Find out more at,, and or talk to your Engagement Manager.


Our nHanced Assets

The nHanced suite is a range of assets created by TNP over the years – many of which can be delivered to older versions of NAV. Tools that help with dashboarding, user security management, email automation, incident management, and credit control are examples. Speak to your Engagement Manager and see what’s possible.


Jet Reports

Jet Reports from insightsoftware is a brilliantly simple Excel reporting tool that plugs right into your NAV solution. It's surprising that some companies with NAV solutions don't have this. If your company doesn't, you really should get it! It's not expensive and it's a no-brainer. For more information, visit or talk to your Engagement Manager.


Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is a great ecommerce package that plugs into your NAV solution, adding both B2B and B2C capabilities for ordering goods from you. It’s an out-of-the-box solution, but of course, it has the capability to design the website to fit your brand. For more information, visit or speak to your Engagement Manager.


Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s brilliant business intelligence tool that is fast becoming the de-facto BI reporting tool. Although highly integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central, it can equally be used with older versions of NAV or any other SQL related database. You can start small with a quick project to analyse the G/L entries or item ledger pulling in customer and item data to make a leap in your NAV reporting. It’s brilliant. For more information, talk to your Engagement Manager.


Power Apps

Power Apps is the Microsoft development platform for creating any app. Think Microsoft Access but for phone, handheld, tablet, web, as well as for PC users. If you need an app for a specific purpose, you (or we) can use Power Apps as the development tool and integrate with your old NAV data. For more information, talk to your Engagement Manager.


Leveraging External Tools

Another approach is to leverage external tools, including business intelligence tools, automation tools, handheld app technologies, and even Microsoft Excel, to transform old NAV systems for users and customers.


The Importance of Continuous Improvement

Understand the importance of continuous improvement, even without a full upgrade. Learn how businesses can move forward and become more efficient by implementing new tricks on their old NAV systems.

The possibilities for improving older NAV systems are extensive. Numerous add-on products and third-party solutions are available to enhance older versions of NAV. In fact, if you have any previous versions of this magazine, you'll see plenty of 'Lipstick on a Pig' stories!

In summary, older Dynamics NAV systems can remain highly valuable with the right enhancements. Businesses need not feel constrained by the inability to undertake costly upgrades. By exploring add-ons and external tools, they can maximise the potential of their older NAV systems, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to teach an old NAV new tricks. Additionally, we offer a service that allows upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact us for more details.

Even in a world of rapidly evolving technology, the age-old saying holds true: "You can teach an old NAV new tricks." Older systems can evolve and adapt, providing lasting value to businesses willing to explore the possibilities.

If you're eager to explore these options and improve your older NAV system, don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts or learn more about the solutions mentioned in this article. Your old NAV system may have more tricks up its sleeve than you think.

Written by
Ian Humphries
Ian Humphries

Ian is Founder and Chief Architect at TNP. He is one of the most experienced Dynamics NAV guys in the UK starting with version 1.0, so in the distant past when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Having had a life as an IT Manager of both manufacturing companies and distribution companies prior to his Dynamics NAV life, Ian understands the reality of IT solutions and projects needing to be pragmatic and not full of techie jargon. Ian had spent several years helping to build the largest NAV solution centre in the UK. Keen to get back to dealing with customers, users and his beloved Dynamics NAV product, he left to set up TNP and is now involved on a daily basis with our wonderful customers and products. He is constantly looking at new technologies to enhance our customers' use of Dynamics NAV (and yes, he gets crazily excited about new stuff!). Random Fact: As a keen musician, he owns a staggering 57 different instruments and plays them all to the same very poor level...