nHanced Forms

nHanced Forms are a mechanism that allows information to be filled out in an Excel spreadsheet and automatically imported into Dynamics 365 Business Central when attached to a record using our nHanced Attachments module. 

nHanced Forms can easily be created and amended by a user and workflows can be triggered upon processing an nHanced FormnHanced Forms can be used to create or update any information that resides in Dynamics 365 Business Central, i.e. expenses, suppliers updating pricing or shipping dates, customer orders, etc.

The module allows you to design forms, which can automatically be imported when attached to the relevant document. A good example could be an expense form, which is filled out by an employee and sent to the finance team.

Food for thought: If you have our Automated User module (nOra), you can ask nOra to send you an Expense Form. She fills out what she knows (i.e your name, contact details) and then sends you the form.  You can then complete the form and return it to nOra, who then not only files the document but can create the relevant workflow to obtain approval. Learn more about nOra here!


  • Business Central on Premise: Coming soon!
  • Business Central Public Cloud: Coming soon!