Automated User (nOra)

nOra is pretty impressive, she's a 24/7 user with no wages, takes no comfort breaks and has no attitude!

nOra (an acronym for NAV Open Response Architecture) is our fantastically helpful automated user, or process engine if you prefer! The core functionality of this module is based around the ability to respond to events or triggers in your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central system and start new processes on the back of those events occurring.

For example, if an email is received into your system using the nHanced Emailing module, nOra responds to that event and checks if the email is a response to an nHanced Workflow perhaps? Or maybe there is an nHanced Form attached? If either of these are true then nOra will proceed onto the next steps to process the email as required. All without any user intervention!

These are just some of the things that nOra can do, nOra can be extended further and further to run a variety of processes for you.


  • Identifies emails that are sent to the system via nHanced Emailing
  • Processes nHanced Forms received by email or dropped on the Role Centre
  • Processes Workflow responses sent to the system via email

Here's what our customers have to say about nOra:

'nOra saves us at least one man-day a month in administration time, however, during acquisitions and re-organisations, the time saved is almost incalculable!'
Alison Steadman, Systems Accountant, Claranet

'Previously, the property management team had to manually manage the purchase order approval, today the entire process is fully automated, nOra does it all!'

Steve Tice, IT Manager, Everards

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