TNP Scotland - Opening the Office!

Published on 14 Feb 2022

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TNP are delighted to announce the opening of our office in Scotland!

With a growing number of customers and a dedicated TNP team in Scotland built throughout the Covid period, we are pleased to announce that we have opened an office in Scotland.

Despite the move for companies to reduce the number of offices they possess, our team at TNP Scotland love working together in the same room. Whilst communication using Microsoft Teams has made remote working easy, our team still prefer the three-dimensional interactions of meeting up in real life. We’re delighted to be able to facilitate and support this.

Rebecca Mcfarlane, Head of Product Management and Regional Manager and says:

"We are excited to be able to meet our customers at our new office and collaborate with each other. We’re looking forward to spending time together and reaping the benefits of random conversations that happen during office days".

Situated in Woodside Place in the West End of Glasgow, our team have found a new home. Thirteen members of staff will initially work at Woodside Place when the office opens. We’re always looking to grow our teams across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

FreedomT Glasgow

The Scotland crew, plus a few familiar faces, catching up over a meal.


If you or someone you know might be interested in working at TNP, we’re always looking to recruit amazing people.


Click here to head over to our recruitment page for our open vacancies.

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Beth Walters
Beth Walters

Beth is part of the Digital Marketing team at TNP. Having studied film and television at university, Beth's dream was always to make movies. When the opportunity came to make wonderful, crazy dreams come to life in the form of the NAVtivity and BC Rhapsody (some of the TNP back catalogue), she snatched it up. An avid video game player and lover of Manchester United, Beth spends most of her time outside of work praying that her favourite football team didn't lose again...and she hopes this bio doesn't age gracefully!