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The NAV Nurse service is TNP's system monitoring tool that tests and monitors Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central systems for performance issues. It is an integral part of our support offer, available to all customers (excluding Business Central SaaS).

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What is the NAV Nurse?

The NAV Nurse is our online monitoring service that tracks key indicators of a Navision, Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central system’s health in real-time. Its job is to alert us to issues with your system as they begin to develop.

To keep your system healthy, it must be regularly maintained and supported by the right hardware and network resources. Modifications need to be well architected. The NAV Nurse runs tests to measure and track Dynamics NAV and Business Central error codes, locking behaviour, disk capacity, memory, and processor utilisation. It then automatically alerts us to critical issues or degradation over time.

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Benefits of the NAV Nurse service

By using the NAV Nurse, you can rest easy in the knowledge that potential system performance issues are being monitored by our expert team. The NAV Nurse is:


The NAV Nurse knows what factors have a big impact on your system health and alerts us to any potential issues before they become a problem.


Tests are run on your system non-invasively, meaning no adverse effects on performance or unexpected charges from extra usage requirements.


Data collected by the NAV Nurse is shared with our team and yours, so there is complete transparency on both sides.


Reports are only conducted on your system data, not the information within the system itself.


Any customer of TNP hosting their ERP solution on-premise or a Managed Service can benefit from this service (unless the same agent is already installed on the system by you or a third-party)

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How does the NAV Nurse work?

The NAV Nurse works by using modern performance monitoring software to spot potential issues in your systems before they become problematic.

It does this using the N-able N-central agent, which monitors the following things:

  • Memory and CPU usage
  • Disk Space
  • SQL - MAXDOP setting, max memory setup, Recovery module
  • Index rebuild job
  • Backup failures
  • Disk configuration
  • Locks and deadlocks
  • SSL certificate expiry date
  • Table sizes (change log and AutoNAV task log entry)

The system needs to be looked after and maintained. Many customers don’t

do this and delay seeking attention until the issue is serious, often painful and
sometimes expensive.

Help us to become pro-active around system performance issues
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What can the NAV Nurse alert you to?

We want to keep your systems as performant as possible. The NAV Nurse will help TNP and you to do that. We can stop issues before they become a problem, enabling you to continue with business-as-usual.

Some of the system performance issues we’ve come across are:

  • Impending expiry of SSL certificates: If not picked up until expiry date, this prevents access to your website until the SSL certificate is renewed.
  • Failure of backups: In a case of an Disaster Recovery situation, backups are crucial way to get you back up and running with minimal data and time loss.
  • The impact that limited system resources are having on system performance
  • Large size of change logs: The size of tables (both storage and record count) have direct impact on system performance. Correct management and maintenance is important but you first need to know if the data is growing too much.
Interested to learn more?
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How can you implement the NAV Nurse in your organisation?

We include The NAV Nurse solution as part of our world-class customer support offering. It is available to all our customers under the terms of their current contract. If you want to take advantage of this, complete the form here and we will be in touch!

If you aren't currently a customer of ours but like the sound of the NAV Nurse, why not get in touch and we can discuss making this possible for you? You can also find out more about our Dynamics NAV support or our Business Central support by clicking the relevant links.

It is important to note that, if you already have the N-Central agent provided and installed by your IT department or a third-party, we are unable to provide this offer as part of our support package due to conflicting software.

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Who has the NAV Nurse helped?

The NAV Nurse has alerted us and our customers to issues including locks, SSL certificate expiry, licence issues, table sizes and this has prevented some system stopping from working.

SSL certificates usually expire on Fridays - something you don't want to worry about just before the weekend! Where this has happened, we have been able to purchase the certificate ahead of expiry, schedule the renewal for a time that suited our customer and their users and have a seamless move from one to another.

The same goes for table sizes. We know that, as the change log table grows, it takes longer to write to and slows the process that it is trying to monitor. This gradually slows to a point that it is unusable. The NAV Nurse will highlight potential issues with the set up and allows for a solution to be planned and implemented prior to any visible issues.

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TNP’s Dynamics Solution Health Check

Many of you will be familiar with our free solution Health Check, also known as The NAV Doctor Health Check. This is often the first service we offer to any company currently running Dynamics NAV or Business Central as their ERP solution. Where the NAV Nurse is preventative and pro-active, the NAV Doctor helps diagnose problems that are pre-existing.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our solution Health Check, read more information here. All Health Checks are conducted for free by our experts and there is no hidden obligation or requirement – you are welcome to take or leave any advice we give you.

Find out more about our free health check
Get a free system health check review from our experts

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Our NAV Nurse experts

The team has years of experience dealing with Dynamics system performance issues. They have also worked on implementation, support and performance optimisation here at TNP in various roles. There is no better team suited to assist you with the prevention of and recovery from performance issues.

Adam Kong - 400x400

Adam Kong

Adam is one of our NAV Nurse engineers. He monitors computer systems like yours and ensures that performance-related issues are flagged and rectified as quickly as possible. Adam’s an organised, methodical thinker who loves to learn new things, having made the progression within TNP from IT Support Engineer to NAV Nurse Engineer.

Pavel Moravek - 400x400

Pavel Moravek

Pav heads up our System Performance and Managed Services teams. He loves talking to all our customers and building relationships. Pav also has a passion for customer support and making sure TNP are delivering the best possible service. Pav co-ordinates the team, keeping them on their toes and at the top of their game!

Josh Janisch - 400x400

Josh Janisch

Josh is one of our Managed Services Team Leaders. He spends most of his working day maintaining and expanding our customer services offering alongside our technical consultants. Josh’s niche is designing cloud environments and configuring Business Central, where complex requirements test his skills to the max!


Who can benefit from the NAV Nurse?

The NAV Nurse service is an integral part of our support offer – available to all our customers under the terms of their current contract.

Why can't I have the NAV Nurse if I'm on Business Central SaaS?

To allow us to monitor your system, we need to install RRM Agent on the servers. TNP (and you) don’t have access to those when on SaaS.

What if I already have N-Central Windows Agent installed by a third-party IT support/MSP?

If this agent is already installed then, unfortunately, we are unable to offer the NAV Nurse service due to conflicting software.

What are the common Dynamics NAV system performance issues you encounter?

There have been multiple areas of performance that NAV Nurse has identified, but some of the bigger ones are the number of records in change log, SSL certificate expiry and SQL configuration. There are other areas that we are planning to add as a metric and we will continue to expand as we find more suitable ones. You can break down the performance in a few different groups, the biggest ones being code issues, environment issues and workload. While NAV Nurse might not be able to identify the exact root cause, it will alert us to performance degradation.

What happens when NAV Nurse finds an issue?

If we are alerted to something that you, your IT company or TNP need to action, we will notify you with the details and raise an internal support ticket on your behalf. We will aim to offer suggestions or solutions. If, however, it is something that you or your IT company do not have the right skills for, we will be able to offer help, either under your support contract or as chargeable work.

How do TNP implement this agent into my systems?

We create a specific agent installation file for you that can be run on the relevant server, either by yourselves or our team.

What happens if I want to remove the agent?

The agent can simply be uninstalled directly from the server.

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