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Published on 15 Aug 2018

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Matthew Dredge, Marketing and Sales Director at TNP, explains the most common reasons for customers moving Dynamics NAV Support Partners
Poor service

Probably the most frequent reason for people wanting to move is poor service.

It could be that their partner has chosen not to invest in the post implementation teams. Quite often these types of partners rely on their consultants to also provide support. By spreading resources thinly, it’s difficult to deal with complex issues in a focused way. Furthermore, if your partner has a small team or relies on their service delivery consultants, then it is unlikely they will have all the skills and detailed knowledge to support the full breadth of functionality available within Dynamics NAV.

The TNP solution has been to constantly invest and grow our support team in line with the demands it faces. With over 50 experienced members in the team, we offer a service and skillset that can deal with any issue. What’s more, because they are not part of a delivery team it means that they are fully focused on resolving client issues every day of the year. You can also use them as part of your support package for free web-based training sessions and free minor modifications.

Poor service sometimes starts with sales! Unbelievably, many clients who have moved to TNP have previously struggled to get a quote for an urgently needed piece of work. It’s hard to imagine why a partner wouldn’t be falling over themselves to get more business, but if you incentivise salespeople with big commission cheques (based on big sales deals), then what’s the chances they will prioritise ‘smaller bits of work’ for a customer?

For us, the solution is simple: no-one earns commission, and no-one has an individual target. Our staff behave in the way that fulfils our commitments to our clients: to be responsive to every request, to provide the best knowledge from our 230 Dynamics NAV enthusiasts, and to ensure that we do what is best for the customer and not what is best for our wallets!


Lack of good advice

After this it’s often the lack of good advice that will drive customers to our door.

It could be that they have been told they need to upgrade to solve a certain challenge in the business or achieve a certain level of new functionality. We are strong believers in not upgrading for upgrading’s sake! Your money can usually be better spent solving your current challenges. Often, advice is given based on what the consultant knows. But when you have a limited skill set, then the advice given is founded on a poorly served knowledge base.

The solution? Knowing the minimum is never enough, and at TNP we understand that training is fundamental to both customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction. Most recently, TNP staff have been put through their paces completing the latest ‘Business Central Functional Consultant Associate’ certification. This demonstrates our commitment to quality knowledge and service – every customer gets the best advice possible.

Product Innovation

Our final common reason for moving is product innovation.

Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central users want to see what’s new and what is going to revolutionise the way they use their platform.

‘Finding it’ is probably the easier route for us – our teams spend hours looking at all kinds of applications and solutions. We sit on demos, we read lots of articles, we attend shows like Microsoft Directions where ISVs are showcasing what’s new, and generally trawl the market for the next fantastic, complimentary solution. After all, why re-invent the wheel if there is a good wheel out there?

The second path to Product Innovation is a little trickier - this is where we build it! There is a team whose sole purpose in their TNP life is to invent new products! Often ideas will filter through from client conversations and from the work we do when looking at 3rd party solutions. The team then go to work, crafting, testing, and re-crafting until we have an ‘
nHanced’ product we are proud to put our name to. This innovation helps us deliver a higher degree of functionality to our clients and often that is what an otherwise happy customer is looking for in a new partner.

To sum up

There are a multitude of reasons why people choose to move partner, but once they have made the decision to move it’s critical that the partner ensures a smooth and de-risked transition.

At the end of the day, we want to see happy customers getting the level of service they deserve, with sound advice and access to the very best products and add-ons that the Dynamics NAV world has to offer.

Achieving all that means we have happy customers who are as enthused about Dynamics NAV as we are!

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Written by
Matthew Dredge
Matthew Dredge

Matt is Marketing & Sales Director at TNP. Having left school, Matt qualified as a Chef, which of course is an ideal starting point for anyone who wanted a career in IT! Shocked by the amount of hard work and unsociable hours, he settled for a more grown up career in Accountancy. Unfortunately, he found this all too dull, but his experience with business solutions guided him into the IT world where he has worked for the last 25 years with products such as Tetra, Oracle and Dynamics NAV - the latter being his true love. Having realised through his IT career that sales guys have it easy, Matt has continued his career as being a salesman that knows far too much for his own good!