Implementing a Retail ERP System

We've spent over 25 years implementing Retail ERP systems, starting in 1996 with a duty-free in Bahrain!

Retail ERP Implementation
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How TNP Implement a Retail ERP

Having spent decades working with, and implementing, Retail ERP systems of all shapes and sizes, TNP are proud to have defined a methodology called 'Day in the Life' through which we implement new systems.

New implementations often cover the same reoccurring processes between customers, such as receiving web orders, replenishing stock, and shipping goods. Our Day in the Life demonstrates these processes using Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Central, plus a team of TNP experts with years of knowledge and experience in the retail industry.

Implementing a Retail ERP happens in sprints, where the top priorities are tackled in order to get your users working with the new solution as quickly as we can, so that testing and familiarity can be conducted as we move through the project. This means minimal risk, as progress is tracked and tested throughout.

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Phased Approach

Implement Retail ERP in smaller stages

There is no singular way to implement a Retail ERP system. TNP often conduct a phased implementation approach, where particular areas of the solution are implemented in turn depending on the areas you choose to prioritise. For example, you may wish to firstly take advantage of the new finance features, and allow your finance team to begin using them.

There is also the option to 'bridge' older sections of your solution to the new Dynamics 365 Business Central, meaning that operations can run smoothly whilst the project continues to completion. This makes the entire implementation more manageable, as the tasks are broken down by, for example, department or functional area.

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Big Bang Approach

Implement Retail ERP in one go

As the name suggests, the big bang implementation means implementing the Retail ERP without the phases. We find this particular approach works well because the organisation is able to focus their time and efforts onto the implementation. Because of this singular approach, connected solutions and temporary interfaces aren't necessary.

Members of your organisation will need to be involved from the offset in a big bang approach, but this hands-on way of implementing can give improvements to business processes in a shorter time period in comparison to phasing a project.

Retail ERP Implementations

TNP customers such as Space NKWebbs Garden Centre and WED2B chose TNP as their support Partner, alongside the power of Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, paired with the mighty retail solution LS Central.

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Space NK

Replacing an older POS with LS Retail gave Space NK a new lease of life. This modern platform helps Space NK's global reach.

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Webbs Garden Centre

Webbs were so impressed with the functionality that they chose to upgrade to Business Central paired with LS Retail.

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Alongside TNP's retail experts, WED2B now enjoy unified e-commerce and benefit from reporting and configuration in one place.

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TNP's Expertise

Implementing Retail ERP solutions is the speciality of over 40 TNP retail experts. They have seen every eventuality in a Retail ERP implementation, and bring years of knowledge and expertise to every project.

We implement and support businesses that cover the entire retail spectrum, whether fully fledged bricks and mortar stores or purely online. Whatever your requirement, we have a solution and the expertise to suit you.

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I have and I would always recommend TNP. Their ethos is about customers. It’s not about making money so much as making sure their customers are happy. Their customer service is absolutely second to none.

- Chris Luther, Head of IT and E-commerce at Van Hage

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