nYwhere - The Furniture Order Collection App for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Furniture Order Collection App

Furniture Order Collection App

Sometimes, what you need can only be achieved by breaking from standard, generic design, and creating something unique.

nYwhere is an app designed specifically for collecting the details of a customer furniture order & feeding it directly back into Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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ScS Furniture App Design

Collaborating with ScS

We were hugely lucky to collaborate with one of our long-time customers ScS (The Sofa Carpet Specialists), who added their real-world thoughts and experiences to the design of nYwhere. ScS have a nearly 20-year-old Dynamics NAV solution used by 1,000 users.

Their Chief Executive, David Knight, said at the original installation he wanted to use tablet-type technology to take the orders. He was a man ahead of his time and unfortunately the tablet technology at the time was heavy, meaning it was twenty years later that the promise to bring this idea to life could be delivered.

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Making Salespeople’s Jobs Easier

We wanted to create an app not only designed for collecting a customer order - probably with the customer present - but also something that could simplify a complicated process into a user friendly experience.

Tablets make salespeople’s jobs easier, allowing them to be much more mobile in their stores, boosting sales productivity, and improving customer experience. It gives users the ability to both sell products to customers from where they stand, and also gain access to any additional information they may need.

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Furniture ERP Application

Intuitive Process

It was important that the app process was intuitive. This involved making simple assumptions that either the beginning of the journey would start at a category and narrow down the options, or go straight to a product via a barcode or swatch.

It was also key to add value to the process by providing the information a salesperson might want during this selling process (e.g. pictures, prices, delivery times and specification details) whilst they select available options for the product, changing the image to show the product in the colour, for example.

Upgrading ScS to Business Central

Upgrading ScS to Business Central

The journey to upgrade ScS and their integrated solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central has begun. Moving the stores to the nYwhere tablet solution has enabled us to separate the store-based side of the business from the back-end distribution and finance systems.

This has been done in a way that allows the existing processes to carry on, making the upgrading process a gentle transition.

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TNP’s Expertise

We are proud of building a product with technical expertise and open thinking from the TNP team, combined with real world experience and problem solving from a valued customer.

If you’re interested in learning more about nYwhere, get in touch with us and we’ll show you how the solution can work for you.

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Learn more about how the nYwhere app provides a seamless customer experience - from the use of images to find the right product, to integration to finance houses for credit.

It provides everything your in store sales people need to give the best customer service possible!

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