Spotlight on our TNP stars! Consultant David Little

Published on 09 Apr 2021

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David has progressed from Academy trainee, to Support staff, to Consultant!

David is one of our superstar consultants, and has been at TNP for 6 and a half years. He joined as an apprentice, before enrolling in TNP's annual Academy. The Academy is a paid role that trains aspiring IT consultants and developers. Successful graduates such as David get offered a full-time position at TNP.

As part of the vibrant, enthusiastic TNP family, David's really settled in to working life!

How would you explain your job to a 5 year old?

  • It often feels impossible to do that! I often say something like ‘We sort the software for businesses.’ But really, I’d probably say that I help people make their business better. I give advice and suggest changes that will make a real impact on a business, right from the start to the end.

What’s your favourite thing about TNP?

  • Where do I begin? I love the ethics of this company, and the atmosphere. It’s not rigid like what I can imagine other (usually!) office based jobs would be – it’s exciting and a place where you want to come to work every day. 


What's your favourite thing about Dynamics NAV?

  • As for NAV/BC itself, it’s brilliant. I particularly love our own nHanced products, they make such a difference to users and they are fun to work with. Overall, it’s a really rewarding job.

What do you geek out at?

  • In particular, anything involving nHanced Permissions is a niche I love getting involved with. Tweaking it to suit different user groups for each business is a very rewarding job and our customers love the difference it makes. Jet Reports are another area I like getting stuck into - it’s rewarding to see what you can create!

What do you like to do in your own time?

  • I love my music, and in normal times would spend a lot of my free time at gigs. I used to be able to play the saxophone pretty well, but I’ve not put as much time into it recently! I also try and make my own music, which keeps me busy, and we've got a great family dog.


What are some of your proudest moments?

  • I’m really proud of doing well here and progressing my career. I’ve got to admit I was a bit lazy in school. To have developed the drive I have now, thanks to working here, I’m really pleased with!

Do you have a book or TV show you'd recommend?

  • I always recommend Divided: Why We Are Living in an Age of Walls by Tim Marshall. It’s fascinating and gives an insight into how the world is the way it is.

Would you recommend the Academy to others?

  • Absolutely, I would recommend it. It’s a brilliant way to get your foot in the door not just at the awesome company that is TNP, but also into the industry in general. If you are like me and pretty certain that university isn’t for you, I can only recommend something like the Academy.

What's been your experience of development and progression opportunities at TNP?

  • Something I’ve always done is try to say ‘yes’ as much as possible. I must admit, from the outside it wouldn’t look like I’ve progressed as much as I have, because it doesn’t follow that corporate structure of a pay rise/title change, but in that time I’ve learned so much. TNP gives you a platform to develop and progress and off the back of that. The good feedback we get shows that it works. I was in support for a long time, with a bit of consulting, learning loads. Now I’m a consultant full-time, but whilst it’s only been ‘official’ for a year, my hard work was recognised and appreciated a long time before then.


David's just one of over 220 invaluable members of staff we have here at TNP. There are so many reasons why people love working here, and why we love working with them. We believe in nurturing our staff and helping them grow and explore new opportunities. This happens in a number of ways, including through time spent on induction, training and progression opportunities. We also have some other perks, such as Friday lunches, games in the office, and a quirkier atmosphere than most other businesses! No wonder David hasn't gone anywhere!


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