Ransomware Attacks

Published on 20 Jan 2022

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Protecting your system and data is more important than ever

In recent months and weeks, we've been made aware of a number of customers whose IT systems have been badly compromised as a result of ransomware attacks.

They had issues with their Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central systems as a result:

  • One customer lost everything - absolutely everything - and is having to rebuild their NAV system and data from the ground up, the costs of which are being covered by their insurers or by themselves.
  • One customer paid a significant ransom in order to get their NAV data 'unencrypted'.
  • One customer was able to restore their BC system after suffering a significant amount of business disruption.
  • Another customer is currently dealing with an attack by a group who penetrate systems, prove they have done so, and then threaten to publicise the issue to suppliers, customer's personal details and press.

This significant recent increase has persuaded us to put pen to paper. We wanted to notify you and also:

  1. Urge you to ensure that your team are maintaining up to date offline SQL backups of your NAV/BC system. It sounds obvious but not every one does.
  2. Ensure that you and your team are aware of this guidance from the NCSC - click here.
  3. Ask you to let us know if you are subject to an attack – so that we can take appropriate action to protect our systems. You can rely on us to treat the information confidentially.
  4. Reassure you that, in the unfortunate event that you are attacked, we will do anything we can to help you recover your NAV/BC system.

TNP will always be here to help you out of a jam, but would prefer to help you avoid that unpleasantness.

In July 2021, TNP were acquired by Node4, a large IT services business. They have a range of useful capabilities that TNP has never had.

We’re working hard with them to help customers better protect their NAV/BC data and, if necessary, get their NAV/BC system up and running quickly after a successful attack. More details will follow about our 'NAV Vault'.


We are here to talk to you if you are unsure of your risk mitigation or backup situation. Get in touch.

Written by
Paul White
Paul White

Paul started in the ERP industry working at the likes of Systems Union, Sun Accounts and Pegasus, before joining Touchstone (where he first encountered Ian). He then moved on to spend over 12 years at Microsoft. There he ran the UK Dynamics business and then Product Management for Dynamics NAV. Both roles gave him lots of opportunities to stay in touch with Ian and Matt and watch TNP grow. Paul has a wife, two daughters, and a dog and for fun he chooses to spend time on the water.