Dynamics NAV performance issues - You are not alone!

Published on 01 Nov 2018

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You wouldn’t believe the things we’ve seen over the years!

We’ve been in the Dynamics NAV (now Dynamics 365 Business Central) world pretty much since it started out back in the 1990’s and in our time we’ve seen some absolute madness when it comes to how businesses use their Dynamics NAV system, with the simplest processes taking so long that users make a cup of tea whilst their task completes!  The really sad thing is that such loss of efficiency is the very antithesis of what NAV was designed to do - it’s designed to make your business run smoothly and efficiently, right?  The problem is that many Dynamics NAV users just put up with long-winded work-arounds and slow running searches because they assume, well, ‘That’s just the way it is.’  Here are just a few of the things we’ve come across (and turned around!) over the years:

  • One business’s customer services team had a search screen which would allow them to search for the customer using last name and postcode but it used to run so slowly that the users would write the customer’s details on a piece of paper, end the call with the customer, and once the search had completed they’d then phone the customer back to go through their request! (We brought the search time down to a few seconds.)
  • In another business, the customer service team used to have to search through hundreds-of-thousands of contact records using standard Dynamics NAV filters and then navigate through several more screens to complete their task - taking at least 3-4 minutes per call. (Once we got our hands on it we reduced this time to under a minute!)
  • An online retailer’s warehouse packing and shipping process used to lock the entire system so much, that every day they used to stop their e-commerce interface feed so that the warehouse could carry on shipping without any issues. Not ideal when you are an online retailer! (Needless-to-say, following our ministrations this is no longer the case; the business can take online orders round the clock regardless of what the warehouse is up to!)

TNP are on a mission to put an end to sad stories like these with our free Dynamics NAV Health Check.  Our free Health Check is designed to get to the root of system issues - both those that the business is aware of and those that they didn’t even know existed. During the Health Check an experienced Dynamics NAV consultant reviews how the Dynamics NAV system is performing and being used by an organisation’s staff. They then provide a straight-forward plan of action to remedy current problems and give a strategic view to ensure the Dynamics NAV software is fit for purpose for many years to come!

And as we believe every business deserves the very best from their Dynamics NAV system we carry out the Dynamics NAV Health Check for anyone and for FREE. You can read more about how the Health Check works here

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