Warehousing the Business Central Way

Published on 17 Feb 2021

How to use simple warehouse functionalities in your Business Central system

It’s no secret to anyone involved with the supply chain that warehousing has been affected significantly by the highs and lows of the COVID pandemic.

Initially, companies struggled to meet demand as panic buying and a surge in online sales drove activity through the roof.

This was not the case for many other industries, whose activities have been stop-start and uncertain in the past year. Whilst there is an argument to say that the industry has been able to ‘settle down’ into a new rhythm, this is still a huge change to what was going on a year ago.

Although it can seem daunting, if your business isn’t making full use of the warehousing features of your Dynamics 365 Business Central system, now really is the time. As many warehouses are now operating at higher levels than ever before, efficient processes have become much more valuable, providing more awareness of activities required. For example, the Pick Worksheet provides an overview of all picks required, along with the availability of the stock. You can also group picks based on several parameters too. Utilising some of the key warehousing functionalities effectively within your ERP system could revolutionise the way warehousing is handled in this new normal.

Thankfully, if your skills aren’t quite as ‘brushed up’ as you’d like them to be, we’ve created some handy ‘How-To Videos’ to help explain some of the simpler processes. In two distinct sections, we firstly cover how to effectively handle putting away, picking and shipping, then secondly how to manage stock levels and replenishment.

The first section of videos are:

You can also find them on our Videos and Guides page by filtering for ‘How-To Videos’ and ‘Warehouse’.

In these how-to videos you will find out more about how to most efficiently complete simple procedures that will ensure the smooth and organised running of the warehouse, with minimal input required in your part. Whilst different strategies will be required for businesses who need different efficiencies, these videos will ensure that the foundations of warehousing knowledge are learnt in almost no time.


We also have some other videos that you may find useful:

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