Implementing a Beverage Management System

We've been working with the brewing industry since 2003, so we know a thing or two about the best way to implement a beverage management solution!

Implementing a Beverage Management System
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How TNP Implement a Beverage ERP

TNP have refined and perfected our implementation strategy - a process we call 'Day in the Life'. 

We start from an approach that most beverage businesses mostly use the same processes and our Day in the Life starts with demonstrating how the customer's business might operate after implementing a Beverage ERP system, using best practice and proven business processes built within Business Central and the beverage add-on, Drink-IT.

Using an Agile approach to implementing a Beverage ERP system, our teams will operate a series of sprints concentrating on the higher priorities first to get users access to a system as soon as possible. This significantly reduces project risk by providing users with a working model of what the end result will be.

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Phased Approach

Phased Approach

Implement your Beverage ERP in small phases

Implementing a Beverage ERP system can be done in multiple ways, depending on your circumstances. With a phased approach, you can replace your existing solution in small phases.

For example, your priority may be implementing new financial features, rather than replacing your brewery management solution. Another example could be focusing on tackling property management or customer service.

The phasing of a project helps to break it down into more manageable tasks, but may sometimes require interim interfaces to exist. If you're currently using a Dynamics NAV solution, we can implement a 'bridge' to integrate the old to the new implementation in the mean time keep things running smoothly.

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Big Bang Approach

Big Bang Approach

Implement your Beverage ERP in one go

As opposed to the 'phased' approach, the big bang tackles the entire implementation in one go. This approach can be effective because the business can concentrate on a single implementation, and interim interfaces to other solutions are not required.

To take a big bang approach requires more areas of the business to be involved with the project from the start, but can mean that more processes within the organisation are improved in a shorter timescale than what may be achieved when implemented in a phased approach.

Beverage ERP Implementations

When it comes to implementing Beverage ERP solutions, TNP have been successfully completing projects since 2003! This makes us one of the most experienced Partners you'll find - we're ready to tackle any project and bring our years of experience to the table. With customers such as ThatchersWestons and Wells & Co, our knowledge spreads far and wide.

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Thatchers Cider

TNP's broad Beverage ERP knowledge meant Thatchers Cider selected us to implement Drink-IT.

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Westons Cider

Westons Cider chose TNP to help enhance their use of Dynamics NAV and Beverage ERP Drink-IT.

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Wells & Co

TNP and Drink-IT were recommended by trusted brewing associates, providing a fully integrated solution.

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TNP's Expertise

We've got the knowledge and experience to solve any issues specific to your business. Implementing a Beverage ERP with TNP means a skilled team can get hands on with the solution and make it work for you.

We have tackled and excelled when taking on industry specific challenges, such as:

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TNP were fundamental to our implementation programme. They were extremely patient with us and extremely knowledgeable...I would one hundred percent recommend them, they’ve been brilliant!

- Becki Hewson, Head of Financial Business Support at Punch Taverns

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