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Introducing Spindle Document Distribution!

Spindle Document Distribution from Draycir is one of the great little add-ons that helps all our customers save money and improve the look and feel of outward facing documents.

Whatever type of communication you're creating and delivering from your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, Spindle Document Distribution allows the business to configure professional looking documents, which include appropriate branding and clear, clean layouts. 

Once these have been designed and implemented, Spindle is intelligent enough to know exactly what format it should be using. So whether you have different invoicing requirements for different customers or want fantastic looking marketing collateral linked to specific campaigns, Spindle Document Distribution can deliver a look and feel that maximises the outside World’s perception of your company.

Companies not only want professional looking documents, but they want to save money and be perceived as an environmentally friendly business. With Spindle Document Distribution, you can automate the delivery of documents via email and fax saving money on time, paper, pre-printed stationery and postage. Not forgetting that getting your invoices to customers via email ensures that the time to pay is reduced.

Spindle Document Distribution is applicable to any industry and in our opinion is a must have for all of our Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central customers!

Credit Hound

Get paid faster with Credit Hound

Designed for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, Credit Hound is powerful credit control software that uses automation to streamline your current processes. By significantly reducing admin tasks you can concentrate on what you do best - collections. Credit Hound can instantly show how much you're owed and who needs chasing, reducing debtors and preventing late payments.

Credit Hound can save your business 20 hours a week

Performing 4 daily tasks in 1 simple step, Credit Hound automatically logs calls, generates letters, sends emails and sets diary tasks. Automating daily processes introduces a far more proactive credit control system, resolving issues earlier and significantly reducing debtor days to keep cash flowing into the business.
By improving efficiency and productivity, Credit Hound helps to develop better relationships with your customers, further saving your business time and money.

Credit Hound gives a fast ROI

  • Credit Hound reduces bad debts, prevents late payments and makes your profit a priority for a fast ROI.
  • Automates credit control tasks saving up to 20 hours a week.
  • Gives a fast ROI, reducing debtor days to bring more cash into the business.
  • Pro-active credit control improves cash flow and time management.
  • Comprehensive reports for analysis, meeting KPIs and cashflow forecasting.
  • Dashboard gives an instant overview of cash, payments and invoices.
  • Automatically performs 4 daily admin tasks in 1 simple step.
  • Auto-attaches copy invoices to chase letters, reducing queries and delayed payments.
  • Better task management with colour coded To-Do lists.
  • Provides clear audit history against individual invoices.
  • Re-assigns tasks during staff absence.
  • Improves team communications with account and transaction notes.
  • Improves customer relationships for prompter payments.
  • Identifies trends in non-payments or disputes.
  • Seamlessly links to Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Business Savings Made Using Credit Hound

Credit Hound can save your business 20 hours a week. The image below shows the day-to-day credit control processes before and then after Credit Hound. Businesses can quickly become more efficient and productive, saving money and increasing their cash flow.

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