Dime.Scheduler by Dime

Graphical resource planning and scheduling tool for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dime.Scheduler is graphical resource planning and scheduling tool for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. No matter whether you just need a simple planning tool or a more comprehensive planning solution, Dime.Scheduler has been built to work with you while you grow your business. Already widely used in many industries, Dime.Scheduler lets anything be a resource or a task. Dime.Scheduler manages the resource allocation and project planning needs for all companies, business units or teams within your organisation, fully integrated with your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

An open task list shows you all the tasks to be planned. You can quickly find what you are looking for by grouping, sorting, filtering and searching in that list. Add columns easily and include extra details like customer name, region, task type, or whatever else helps you better structure your list.

The plan boards give you an overview of all your resources, with their current status and availability. This list can easily be filtered to only reflect certain selected resources meeting specific criteria, such as skills, certifications, language, region, etc. Plan tasks simply by dragging and dropping them onto a resource on the plan board. This will instantly update resource allocation lines in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. All future changes, such as adding more resources, changing date or duration, etc. are automatically synchronised in real time.

You can plan single or recurring tasks while taking resource-specific calendars for working and non-working time in account. Review your planning schedule using a monthly or weekly overview or drill down to a detailed day view. Dime.Scheduler uses multiple visual indicators to reflect task attributes such as type, status or importance to help you see the big picture. You can also get a helicopter view of your planned resource capacity and load by slicing and dicing your data in a pivot table.

Visualise a Project

Dime.Scheduler lets you visualise and plan projects with Gantt charts. As a result, dependencies, milestones and deadlines will be clearly visible on your project plan. You are also able to visualise and enforce task predecessors, successors and constraints; analyse the impact of a specific task change on other tasks and even cascade to other projects; and receive pop-up messages when a task or project exceeds its delivery date or starts too early. There is also the ability to integrate your project plan with your resource planning by assigning resources to a task.

By taking project-specific calendars for working and non-working time into account, appointments can be created automatically on the plan board. The Gantt chart lets you check the critical path of your project. Move your project tasks around and evaluate multiple scenarios with different outcomes, all while respecting the existing dependencies and constraints. When you are entirely satisfied with the desired outcome, you can then choose to confirm and update all related appointments.

Integrated Map

Dime.Scheduler comes with an embedded map that displays the home, office and warehouse addresses of your employees and assets, as well as the locations of your customers or where the tasks need to be executed. You can also send GPS coordinates from a mobile application or tracking device and see the real-time positions of your resources on the map. You can customise pin colours to differentiate resources with specific skills or label urgent tasks that merit higher priority.

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Dime.Scheduler Gantt Chart
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