nHanced Sales Budgets

Seamlessly adds functions to create budgets from sales history

Our nHanced Sales Budgets module for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central is based on the standard Microsoft Sales Budgets tool with a few additions that make this a much more powerful and user-friendly tool.

The most powerful addition is the ability to use history to create a new budget. This process allows users to select a time period in history to capture data from and then apply to their own defined time period for the future. The historic data can be averaged before applying or can be applied on a ‘week by week’ basis. At this stage users can also suggest an overall uplift or downturn percentage to apply to the gathered data. The results are then mapped out in the matrix form for review.

Along with applying a blanket adjustment, users can specify more specific adjustments in the nHanced Sales Budgets overview. For example, include an uplift for a busy period in time or alternatively apply an adjustment for certain Item categories at certain times of the year.

Finally, if required, the sales forecast can then be output to a production forecast to aid the manufacturing planning process.


  • Set dates to use for historic data
  • Apply historic trends to forecasts
  • Apply adjustments to forecasts based on customer/item criteria
  • Use a sales forecast to prepare a production planning forecast