nHanced Order Management

nHanced Order Management is an incredibly useful and powerful module

nHanced Order Management takes Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central’s already wonderful order processing capabilities to the next level. It is made up of a few key components which, combined, makes sales order taking, management, payment and shipment a walk in the park.

Buying References

In the real world, a customer’s ‘order’ is made up of various Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central documents like; quotes, orders, invoices, return orders, credits, shipments, payments & refunds. Now if you want to find information about these, even the most skilled Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central user, will have to navigate a load of screens to get to the information they need.

Buying references bring all of these documents together into one view, showing all the relevant document lines and giving the user the ability to navigate to each related document or create new ones as needed. I know – why did we not have this before!

Customer Search

Finding information about a customer’s status and orders is also something which normally requires some effort. So we have included a new customer search tool which allows you to search for the customer by name, address, phone, postcode etc – then in the search result, we now have a screen which summarises everything which is going on with the customer in one view.

Stock Information

Sometimes you just want to know if something is on stock or not when looking at a sales orders (and other sales documents) – we now have a new calculation, which looks at the items on the document and calculates the stock availability of the whole document.

Shipping Status

Another, ‘Why have we not already got this’ screen and process is the shipping status. It essentially gives the user a view of all orders and lines and their current shippable status, clearly showing whether it’s shipped, partially shipped, ready to ship, not ready to ship based on the stock information and reservations.

What if part of the order is shippable? We can now finally provide proper ‘back orders’ in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central! This is achieved by splitting the lines, either automatically or manually. The system can decide what to leave on the order and what to put on back order.