nHanced Central Data Management

Our nHanced Central Data Management module is an essential tool for any organisation that has multiple companies in the same or multiple Business Central databases and needs to maintain consistency across key intercompany setup

It allows users to transfer a pre-configured message type that contains records from defined tables between different companies and databases. It uses nHanced Data Bridge message queue as a framework to move information from the original system to a destination database/company.

This new product will be replacing the existing nHanced Multi Company functionality as it will be adding on top of the existing functionality the ability to transfer data between different databases.

Note that this will only be available for Dynamics 365 Business Central environments.


  • Synchronise Setup across multiple companies.
  • Send data between different BC Databases/Companies.
  • User defined setup for message types and companies to include.
  • Automate export and processing of data transfer using job queues.