Is it time to change your GP?

This whitepaper assesses the situation in which Dynamics GP users find themselves. What does the future look like, now that the product is in 'bare essential maintenance mode'? Read our whitepaper to understand the current issues and potential solutions for this end-of-life product.
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What does 'end-of-life' mean for Dynamics GP?

The last release of Dynamics GP was in October 2019. If no further updates are being made to the product, what does that mean for security and compliance for your business? As security threats grow to businesses around the world, this is a serious concern to highlight.

Our whitepaper details the practical terms around what Microsoft will continue to supply to you and where you will be left to fend for yourself.

Don't be caught out - make sure you have the latest knowledge so that your business doesn't suffer. Whichever version of Dynamics GP you're using, our whitepaper will highlight the next steps you should consider taking.

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Our Dynamics GP whitepaper will show you:

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The current situation

What are Microsoft prepared to maintain on your version of Dynamics GP?

Available options

Your available options

We believe you have three options to choose from in your Dynamics GP journey

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GP skills availability

People don't want to work with products or technologies that they consider legacy

Things to consider

Things to consider

What will you need to consider when thinking about changing Dynamics GP?

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