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Alongside the expertise of our Dynamics 365 Business Central specialists, this ERP is the best-in-class. We are one of the largest Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners, with decades of experience across support, implementation, training and beyond.

Business Central Benefits
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The benefits and features of Business Central

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  • Dynamics 365 Business Central is a renowned Microsoft ERP trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. It benefits from consistent updates and fixes from Microsoft.
  • It is an end-to-end solution for managing financials, reporting, manufacturing, inventory, and more!
  • Integrates to other Microsoft products seamlessly, notably Power BI, SharePoint and Teams, streamlining and simplifying your workflow.
  • You can choose how it's hosted, unlike other ERPs - on-premise, within a Managed Service or as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.
  • Business Central offers low code development options to add functionality without years of development experience
  • Read more about the features of Business Central here!
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TNP Team

What we provide you with

TNP are Dynamics 365 Business Central specialists - but what does that actually mean?

Business Central ERP speaks for itself, but your choice of Business Central Partner is even more important. The skill and knowledge possessed by the Partner you choose could be the difference between a happy relationship or a swift move elsewhere.

We are the most experienced Partner for Business Central in the UK, totalling the highest number of years working with the product. Our Support team alone is larger than the entirety of most Business Central Partners.

We can offer you:

  • A dedicated Engagement Manager
  • World-class support from over 60 support team members
  • Product innovation and strategic thinking from the greatest Business Central minds in the business
  • A great team, whose ethos is to be passionate, honest, fair, pragmatic and fun
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Licensing & Pricing

Licensing and Pricing

The answer to the question 'How much will Dynamics 365 Business Central cost?' can be determined by five options:

  • Hosting - Business Central is available from Microsoft as a SaaS service, from TNP as a Managed Service running on Azure, or for you to deploy on-premise or in a third party data centre.
  • Subscription or Perpetual - Subscription is a per user, per month model including the annual maintenance fee levied by Microsoft. Perpetual is the more traditional licensing model where you buy the licence and it's yours forever.
  • Essentials or premium - Premium licenses simply give an added level of functionality for manufacturing and service management. Both Essentials and Premium are Full Users.
  • Full and Team users - Full Users require access to the feature-rich functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Examples of these users are salespeople, customer services and finance. Team Member Users can view data in the system and complete light tasks, e.g. timesheet entry, but no actual posting.
  • Annual or monthly pricing - Monthly pricing for Business Central Online (SaaS) is 20% more expensive than annual pricing. However, annual licenses have less flexibility as users cannot be decreased during the term. You can combine these two options, e.g. some users on an annual plan and some on monthly for more flexibility.

We know that the licensing options can be confusing. You can see some worked examples with pricing here.

If you aren't sure where to turn or which options to choose, book a free licensing consultation with our specialist team and get the answers you need. You can read more information on Business Central licensing here.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in action

Do you like what you've seen so far about Dynamics 365 Business Central? Are you interested in seeing the solution in action, using your data and examples tailored to you? Our pre-sales team are the best in the business - they can prepare a demonstration to tick every box and display the solution for you and your team.

Book a free of charge demonstration today and let us wow you with the power of Business Central. We're positive you'll be impressed by its capabilities. After all, it's the solution we've dedicated ourselves to for decades.

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