nHanced Scanning Framework

Simple Scanning without 3rd Party software!

Since Microsoft released the phone client, it seemed only sensible to make the most out of it. There are lots of great mobility solutions available for Dynamics 365 Business Central, however, sometimes you just need to be able to scan things and update something without the overhead of extra software. 

You might just want to do simple warehouse processes, like scanning a pick or put-away, you might want to add a timesheet entry or update the status of a production order. Normally you’d need to invest in a 3rd party add-on, but using the Scanning Framework, you can do this in the Business Central or NAV Phone client. 

As this is a framework, all the tools are there for you to create simple, user friendly processes. We provide some examples of how to use the framework in the User Guide and give some code examples are also included as an app. I know – what nice people the TNP Prod Dev guys are!

With the App you get:

  • Clean and simple interface on mobile devices like IOS & Android
  • Uses Phone client specific lookups to make it really east to use lists
  • Allows you to design & add multiple steps, to be included or excluded as necessary


  • Business Central on Premise: YES
  • Business Central Public Cloud: YES