Proof of Delivery App

We have created a proof of delivery app for mobile use that drivers can use when delivering parcels to an address. The Power App provides intelligent routing to give your drivers the freedom to do their jobs and plan a sensible journey based on the package's destination. Make proof of delivery a piece of cake with our canvas Power App.

Deliver more efficiently and with less room for error

The Power People's proof of delivery app does exactly what it says on the tin! Give your drivers the freedom to simply do their jobs without stress - our Power App provides intelligent routing that plans a sensible journey based on the packages that need delivering in that trip. It also gives you various view types, so the driver can see their drops in a list view, a map view, or even a map view with the list layered on top.

Integrations with our Proof of Delivery App

This app integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central or another Enterprise Resource Planning solution of your choosing. Your drivers can see a view of their assigned orders for the day, benefit from smart route optimisation and utilise the mapping functionality that can also link to their mapping application of choice, e.g. Google Maps or Apple Maps.

How the Proof of Delivery App works

The driver can track whether they've attempted delivery or successfully delivered, through the option to take photos and capture signatures. The information captured, including those photos and any notes taken, can be passed back to your ERP when the app synchronises. The Power App can work completely offline and pass the information back at a time to suit you.

Watch the video to see how our app could work for you


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