Going Paperless App

Using Power Apps to build a customised solution which allowed our client to bring world-class inspection services to their staff.

The Global Energy Ventures Group

The Global Energy Ventures Group is an independent oil and gas services provider operating in West Africa. Their core business is to carry out critical integrity inspections assuring clients that their assets are fit for purpose in this highly regulated industry. The services conducted by Global Energy Ventures take place either onshore or offshore, with the latter being mainly on huge tanker processing vessels called FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading units). Due to the high levels of necessary regulation, all work has to be done to the highest standards with rapid and accurate reporting of inspection data vital. 

They are over 100 strong, with most staff based in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal and in Macedonia with the management team based in the UK Head Office. 

Global Energy Ventures were struggling with a Partner who seemed unwilling or unable to make the changes they needed to their existing Dynamics NAV system. A search for better support brought them to TNP’s website, resulting in attendance at one of the Annual User Days and a good feeling about TNP’s knowledge and passion for the NAV product. After taking advantage of the free solution performance review, a Health Check, they made the easy decision to adopt TNP as their new support Partner. 

Our Solution: Going paperless

Most recently, Global Energy Ventures asked TNP to help them to eliminate inefficient paper-based reporting from their offshore operations. TNP proposed a Power Apps tablet-based solution that records all the information they need to collect during an inspection (equipment type, condition, measurements, photos and an audio notes tool – to enable hands free note taking when they are working at height). This information will be held offline on the tablet until their Inspector is ready to sync and upload the data, at which point it will be sent directly into their Business Central system. The project will take 70 days to deliver and when live will rapidly speed up their reporting by eliminating significant amounts of duplicated data entry. This will enable the team to spend more time inspecting equipment rather than doing paperwork. 

Other valuable integrations occur once the inspection data is synced to Business Central. The recorded inspection data is compiled into a report template via Jet Reports, which is then automatically stored in an extranet SharePoint site for the client to sign off using the Adobe Sign for SharePoint plug-in. Also, all photo images taken in the Power App whilst inspecting are sent to a SharePoint library for the client to review, and gain a high-quality visual image of the condition of the assets inspected. 

Phase 1 will see the app going live for their main client’s FPSO, with Phase 2 rolling the app out across the inspection division for the rest of the business. 

It’s a project that TNP are excited to be a part of. Beau concludes “we all hate handling paperwork and the inefficiency of processing data multiple times”. TNP agree and believe Power Apps provide a great answer. 


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