Why use the Power Platform solutions?

What Power Platform benefits could you bring to your business? What efficiencies do you stand to gain? More importantly, what are you missing out on by failing to implement these solutions into your business?

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Consolidate applications

Consolidate multiple applications

Most businesses have a variety of systems in place to serve their accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, e-commerce and CRM needs. The opportunity for Power Platform solutions is vast - where any makeshift or additional software has been formed, the Power Platform was created to consolidate them.

Whilst each of these makeshift applications may serve the specific requirement that they were chosen for, the patchwork creates a number of issues. Simplify your environment with the Power Platform.

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Single source of truth

Get a single version of the truth

Having a number of different software solutions from different vendors will inevitably lead to duplication of data and processes. Staff spend unnecessary time managing this duplication (e.g. aligning lists of customers, staff or products).

They struggle to orchestrate processes across the business (e.g. the creation of new customer accounts) and, when reporting, find it difficult to get to a single version of the truth.

The Power Platform benefits available mean you can eliminate these problems by pulling data from various sources into one place, providing a single version of the truth.

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Compliance and control paperless

Maintain compliance and control

Whilst many organisations have a patchwork of legacy solutions to cover core business processes, they don’t always have the time, money or executive sponsorship required to buy or build an application to support every one of their business processes.

In the meantime, staff will quietly have found ways to solve their practical problems by building their own workarounds creating and maintaining lists in Excel, Access or SharePoint. This creates invisible issues of compliance and control.

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Solve friction in your business

Data duplication, manual orchestration, unmanaged apps, no source of truth – these are all symptoms and sources of friction within your business, which in turn create inefficiency, frustration and errors.

It all adds up to unnecessary expense, which can be improved upon by finding controlled solutions. This is where we would suggest the Power Platform. The Power Platform benefits from a vast array of technologically advanced solutions. This could be a Power App to manage timesheets or a Power BI dashboard to automate the creation and sending of weekly reports, alongside Power Automate.

It could be a Power Pages site to take bookings for the services you offer. Or perhaps some Power Virtual Agents chatbots to answer the frequently asked questions of your customers.

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Distribute your Power App

Distribute your app natively

Enable mobile end users regardless of device by delivering native mobile apps through your preferred channel.

This makes it easy for your mobile end users to access and use your app, removing the need to install the Microsoft Power Apps 'Player' app for Android or iOS or share app links by email.

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Power Platform

The Power Platform

By using Power Platform solutions, all of these applications and their underlying data sources are condensed into one place. Connectors allow for live synchronisation of data, removing the headache of duplicating and maintaining data across multiple databases.

The low-code nature of the Power Platform facilitates quick development and deployment, so solutions can be designed at a lower cost with less time commitment. The power is placed directly into the hands of the citizen developers in the business, who will no longer need to resort to Excel.

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