K3|pebblestone Functionality

K3|pebblestone is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is a fully integrated, proven solution tailored to the needs of small and medium sized fashion and apparel companies.

K3|pebblestone Functionality
Size, Colour and Fit Handling

Size, Colour and Fit Handling

Providing you with a view of the entire product and its lifecycle, K3|pebblestone was designed to keep data and important details at the front of your users' minds.

You can also:

  • Easily create numerous styles in different colours and sizes
  • Enjoy efficient handling of multiple product dimensions
  • Benefit from Quick Order Entry and editing via fast and flexible matrix
Season Management

Season Management

Every new season brings new challenges, mostly anticipating the changes this market always delivers. You can closely monitor stock and sales trends by using specific merchandise categories, season codes and product attributes.

You can also:

  • Control processes depending on the stage in the product lifecycle
  • Use product status styles, colours and sizes over the different processes
  • Benefit from insights in original order quantities versus invoiced quantities
Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

Paperwork is often the bane of your users' lives. It's time-consuming and it never ends. By allowing K3|pebblestone to verify customer orders are correct and then process them directly into your Dynamics NAV or Business Central system, the manual effort is significantly reduced. No re-entry of automatic information or duplications across internal software and warehouse management system.

You can also:

  • Allocate received stock over open orders optimally, taking into account shortages and surpluses
  • Automatically cancel or replace items when minimum quantities aren’t met during the presales phase


PDM and PLM manage the entire evolution of the product lifecycle. Data important to product development and pre-production is easily organised, recorded and shared within the relevant departments of the organisation.

K3|pebblestone also includes:

  • Comprehensive PLM functionality to manage processes from concept to store
  • Critical path management and overview
  • Collection planning and budgets
  • Full product data management (wash & care, test results, measurements, BOM, calculations, tech pack)
  • Full integration with business processes
Insight & Control

Insight & Control

By closely monitoring stock and sales trends, you'll never be left behind. Keep a close eye on the ever changing features of the fashion industry and anticipate what is to come in such a dynamic and competitive market.

K3|pebblestone gives you:

  • Real-time visibility into all processes, across all channels
  • Centralised and accurate data
  • Reduced complexity, increased efficiency
Data at your fingertips

Agility & Productivity

Maximise efficiency whilst reducing errors by utilising the tools that K3|pebblestone provides. Information is at your fingertips and centrally located for all users, meaning the repetitive data input is removed altogether.

K3|pebblestone provides you with:

  • The ability to access the system from anywhere
  • Shorter decision cycles, quicker response to change
  • End-user satisfaction with a fit for purpose solution on a familiar interface
  • A flexible and scalable solution to drive future growth and expansion.
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