Integrated Ecommerce

Are you looking for integrated ecommerce? Maybe you want a one-stop plug-and-play solution or maybe you already have a front-end site like Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce that you want to integrate your ERP. Whatever your scenario, talk to our team today for some honest advice.

Integrated Ecommerce
What is ecommerce

What is ecommerce?

Here at The Power People, we specialise in integrated ecommerce. By this, we mean ecommerce that links directly to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. There are multiple ways to achieve integrated ecommerce and our expertise extends across them all.

We know the complexities of integrating ecommerce, whether it’s implementing an entire solution, such as Sana Commerce, or integrating between two disparate systems, like your ERP and Magento or another front-end platform.

Perhaps you just want to streamline your ecommerce backend processes. Either way, we can assist you in navigating the options and exploring the realm of integrated ecommerce.

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Benefits ecommerce

What are the benefits of integrated ecommerce?

By integrating your ecommerce solution, you can benefit in numerous ways – the key ones being:

  • Close sales faster at any time of day or night by providing your customers with up-to-date information for their buying decisions
  • Improve speed of fulfilment and cash collection by automating the flow of orders from online basket to warehouse picking list
  • Safeguard customer satisfaction by ensuring incoming orders can be fulfilled from available stock
  • Empower customers with self-serve account information as well as ecommerce capabilities to reduce call centre overheads and aid credit control processes for trade customers
Difficult ecommerce

How hard can it be?

Actually, very. Dozens of data points needing to flow seamlessly back-and-forth between back and front-end systems demands meticulous execution. Your product portfolio alone might include stock availability, range restrictions, context-specific pricing and discounts, cross-sell & up-sell links, detailed specifications, images & videos, variants, pack sizes, and more.

VAT/tax implications need to be accurate for selling scenarios and aligned across systems; customer data may originate in both systems and need to be de-duplicated and synchronised bidirectionally; shipping & payment rules may vary by customer type/group; business rules in the back office may need extending into the front-end web application. The room for error is large and so is the potential impact of customer frustration if your ecommerce solution is not aligned with your business processes right through to fulfilment.

Then there’s the project control associated with streamlining up to five separate organisations, each with subject matter experts, processes & products, and their project managers to deliver on a single unified vision. It can indeed be very hard.

But we've conducted projects of all shapes and sizes in this space for many years. Our experts are skilled in all facets of integrated ecommerce and want to help you uncover your ideal solution. No matter how complex, we're certain we can tailor a connected ecommerce solution for you.

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Ecommerce and ERP

Ecommerce and your ERP

It’s these two systems that form the backbone of an integrated ecommerce solution. Alongside these, you may also have a dedicated Product Information Management (PIM) system and/or a marketing automation system that also need to be plumbed in.

We’ve worked with customers of all shapes, sizes, and industries to connect their systems. This delivers an optimised ecommerce experience for their customers and optimised business process automation for their employees.

Our sister brand, The NAV | 365 People, specialises in the Microsoft ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central, formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so we have unique depth of experience in integrations that have Business Central or Dynamics NAV as the ERP solution in the backend.

In these projects, a popular choice amongst our customers is Sana Commerce Cloud, an integrated ecommerce platform that connects natively into Business Central and NAV. Other customers also chose to integrate their ERP with an existing front-end ecommerce system like Shopify, Magento, and others.

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Sana Commerce

A Sana Commerce Cloud solution is a plug-and-play ecommerce solution for Microsoft ERP. It provides a complete solution from the front-end website to the back-end integration and, with The Power People as a leading Sana SDK Partner, we have full control over deployments and customisations, enabling us to provide a one-stop-shop for your entire ERP-connected ecommerce project.

In Sana projects, we love these benefits:

  • It’s fast for customers and sales reps on the front-end with a speedy Single Page App (SPA)
  • It’s slick for web admins with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer – nifty content management tools for the front-end layout and design, powerful customer segmentation and content targeting, and extensive system configuration – all entirely aligned with the underlying ERP system
  • It’s ready-connected with no need for data flow mapping – even custom fields in your ERP are supported natively – meaning that we can spend more time on adding value and less on plumbing
  • It’s native to Microsoft Business Central and Dynamics NAV so just about everything the ERP does as standard, Sana implements in perfect alignment on the front-end – without any extra effort
  • It’s a joy for our web developers who enjoy working with the best industry standard software patterns and practices when extending customer ecommerce systems to meet tailored specifics
  • It’s packed with features including a fantastic BI add-on for those that want it – an embedded product called Sana Commerce Insights that provides a huge amount of data acuity straight out of the box – also integrated and ERP-aware! This leverages Microsoft Power BI in the Microsoft Power Platform so we especially love this as we can bring all our expertise in actionable analytics to the party too!
Reporting and Power BI

Ecommerce and Power BI

Actionable analytics are a key component in all areas of business and certainly your ecommerce programme is no exception. Providing clear dashboards of meaningful insight, you can focus your efforts on making changes driven by real data, so you intentionally impact and continuously monitor the key metrics.

Whether or not you have an existing data warehouse and or data cube(s) and irrespective of the ecommerce platform or ERP system you have adopted or choose for your project, The Power People can help where the two technical specialisms of analytics and ecommerce interact.

You can read more about our Microsoft Power BI capabilities or get in touch for us to chat about your issues and aspirations and demonstrate our know-how.

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Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce integrations

We’ve helped numerous customers integrate to numerous ecommerce solutions, so we don’t much mind what your front-end is, but some of the popular ones include:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce

We often speak to customers who either come to us burned from previous failed ecommerce integration projects or limping along with interfaces that just about get them by but hamper their operations let alone their aspirations and desperately need attention.

No matter what the problem is you're currently facing, you can easily speak to our team for support or advice. We strongly believe in standing back from a problem to look at it from all angles, gathering as much information as possible about what is wrong today but also what could be great in the future. Rather than being prescriptive about technologies, we prefer to take time to understand your situation as fully as possible and only then look to help you make a decision about which solution best meets your needs.

Give us a call and book in with one of our ecommerce experts to start the conversation, wherever you’re at.

The Ecommerce Experts

Meet our talented ecommerce experts! There aren't many ecommerce related dilemmas that these guys can't solve.

TPP Staff expert - Al Willingham

Al Willingham

Ecommerce Expert

About: Al is all about quantum chromodynamics, Lego, and hamsters. Oh and an enjoyment of great food and drink. He’s a science-minded information architect with a warm heart and an appetite for top quality items.

Expertise: He’s been implementing ERP-connected ecommerce systems since 2008, working in business-led IT much longer than that, and has enjoyed the pleasures and challenges of working as both customer and partner. He brings a bright and mischievous mind to every conversation and loves the challenge of solving complex problems with maximum simplicity.

TPP Staff expert - Matt Aitken

Matt Aitken

Ecommerce Expert

About: Matt is a fun-loving jack-of-all-trades who still hopes to one day become a musician, maybe even before his band notices that he’s not! He’s even more interested in people than he is in just about everything else in the universe that he’s also insatiably fascinated by.

Expertise: He’s been working in the world of integrated ecommerce since 2001, with a passion for creative communication. He derives great satisfaction from fashioning elegant solutions from complicated interconnections amidst diverse personalities and perspectives.

TPP Staff expert - Nathan Brickman

Nathan Brickman

Ecommerce Expert

About: Nathan loves to run, to cycle, to wild camp, and generally to be outdoors, preferably in the mountains – the bigger the better. He’s a very gentle, very capable, and very humble man with a quick wit and an infectious chuckle.

Expertise: He’s been delivering ecommerce solutions integrated to ERPs since 2009, after graduating with a degree in graphic design. His design skills ensure a sparkling delivery to any front-end he’s able to get his hands on and his capacity to incisively cut-off unnecessary complexity with clever shortcuts knows no bounds.

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