Spotlight on our TNP stars! Retail Delivery Director Toni Hamblett

Published on 29 Apr 2021

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Toni's progressed into a tailor-made role thanks to TNP identifying her strengths and passions!

Toni is our Retail Delivery Director and has been at TNP for just over 6.5 years. She’s been working with the Dynamics NAV products for over 14 years of her 25+ year career in service delivery! A keen paddleboarder and a right laugh – Toni’s bound to get you smiling!

How would you explain your job to a 5 year old?

  • You know how Mum and Dad make sure everything is in its place at home, food in the fridge, toys in your room, clothes in the wardrobe. Well, I help big companies do the same thing but with their stuff. I help them make sure all the important information and things are organised and in the right place so they can run their company smoothly.

What’s your favourite thing about TNP?

  • My favourite thing about TNP is the opportunity for growth and progression they provide us with. I’m on my fourth role at the company, TNP have supported my desire for more responsibility, challenges and opportunity as well as what I enjoy is taken into consideration - that’s plenty of time collaborating with both customers and colleagues.

What's your favourite thing about Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central?

  • I see the product from a more holistic perspective and don’t really get down to the nitty gritty, but my favourite thing about Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central is its time saving capabilities. Especially if customers have a few of our add-ons, they can save hours of time and speed up processes they labour over. It’s really rewarding to see how much of a difference the product can make.

What do you like to do in your own time?

  • I love learning and experiencing new things, so each year I set myself a task to do something new. I’ve learnt to drift a car, skydive, ice cupcakes, make chocolate, jump rope, paddleboard… the list goes on.
    More recently I’ve started to learn Olympic Weightlifting, it demands concentration and discipline to master the technique so for a couple of hours a week I’m totally immersed in this, and I love it. #stronggirlsclub

Toni SkydivingToni lifting 2Toni paddle boarding 3

What are some of your proudest moments?

  • Not long after I first joined TNP, I took on a customer who only had 7 months left to complete their project…but had 700 days work left to do! Amazingly, they went live on their planned go-live day! I’m so proud of how I, the team and the customer handled that one - it went better than I could have hoped. I’m pleased to say that 6 years later we still have a fantastic relationship with them. I have 6 amazing god-children who I adore – I’m so proud of the people they are growing up to be.

Toni Teaching crafting-1

Do you have a book or TV show you'd recommend?

  • Hands down, I recommend anything written by Mark Billingham. His crime books are brilliant. For TV, I like true crime documentaries… all sorts!

Toni's just one of over 370 invaluable members of staff we have here at TNP. There are so many reasons why people love working here, and why we love working with them. We believe in nurturing our staff and helping them grow and explore new opportunities. This happens in a number of ways, including through time spent on induction, training and progression opportunities. We also have some other perks, such as Friday lunches, games in the office, and a quirkier atmosphere than most other businesses! No wonder Toni's done so well.


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