All I Want For Christmas is you, BC!

Published on 11 Dec 2019

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This year's Christmas parody is 'All I Want For Christmas is BC', originally sung by Mariah Carey. We've crafted a lovingly tailored tribute to reflect what's at the top of our Christmas lists this year!

Donate here and help us raise money for Crisis, a wonderful charity that helps those who have fallen into homelessness. Donating £28.18 gives a homeless person the chance to feel human again with three hot and nutritious meals daily, which includes a lovely Christmas lunch with people to enjoy it with, accommodation and a safe place to stay, the opportunity to freshen up with a shower and clean clothes, a check over and treatment from a doctor, optician and dentist. The most important part is finding a way out of that homelessness cycle for good through Crisis’ year-round training, education and support.

Please help us to donate and raise money for this excellent cause.


If you'd like to make a donation, click here for our JustGiving page

Written by
Beth Walters
Beth Walters

Beth is part of the Digital Marketing team at TNP. Having studied film and television at university, Beth's dream was always to make movies. When the opportunity came to make wonderful, crazy dreams come to life in the form of the NAVtivity and BC Rhapsody (some of the TNP back catalogue), she snatched it up. An avid video game player and lover of Manchester United, Beth spends most of her time outside of work praying that her favourite football team didn't lose again...and she hopes this bio doesn't age gracefully!