Announcing...the Coronavirus Blues!

Published on 24 Mar 2020

Written, sung and played by our oddly talented Managing Director, Ian Humphries, this song is sure to lift those Coronavirus Blues!

In these trying times, music can be a great source of happiness and comfort. We at The NAV | 365 People would love to bring a little bit a joy into your lives with 'Coronavirus Blues'! Lovingly crafted by Ian Humphries, our Managing Director, this blues song traverses the troubles that we are all facing now that working at home is the future for the foreseeable. 

It's not all bad! Sitting in pants, working in your bedroom...let's end those Coronavirus Blues! Watch, enjoy and sing along to this toe-tapping melody, we promise that you won't be able to get it out of your head once you're done. 


Have we cured your Coronavirus Blues? Hopefully we have. And maybe we've even inspired you to write your own verse. If we have inspired you, why not try writing one to add onto the end? And if you're really brave, sing it to camera and send it in so we can create the longest blues song ever made! Send in your entries to - we are super excited to see them.

If you need us for anything, whether it's a Support issue or accessing your Dynamics NAV or Business Central solution from your new working from home environment, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0208 328 9818.

Written by
Beth Walters
Beth Walters

Beth is part of the Digital Marketing team at TNP. Having studied film and television at university, Beth's dream was always to make movies. When the opportunity came to make wonderful, crazy dreams come to life in the form of the NAVtivity and BC Rhapsody (some of the TNP back catalogue), she snatched it up. An avid video game player and lover of Manchester United, Beth spends most of her time outside of work praying that her favourite football team didn't lose again...and she hopes this bio doesn't age gracefully!