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Published on 20 Jan 2019

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The experience of implementing any software system can be a hair-raising one but it need not be that way!  Mark Rigby, Director of Cranes at T H WHITE, speaks of his experiences of The NAV | 365 People as his new Dynamics NAV support partner and what a good Dynamics NAV implementation should look like!

From humble beginnings as an agricultural ironmonger, T H WHITE has been operating for almost two centuries, through the reign of seven British monarchs! They have been engineering equipment solutions since 1832, helping their customers to get the best from machinery, land and buildings. They operate 13 branches, with more than 500 employees, over 4,000 suppliers and an annual turnover in excess of £140 million.

At the beginning of 2017 T H WHITE decided to employ the services of The NAV | 365 People to implement Dynamics NAV in the cranes division of the Group with a view to role the solution out to the rest of the business if all went well! Mark Rigby, Director of Cranes at T H WHITE speaks of his experience:

‘The response time and activity from The NAV | 365 People team has been impressive: Nicky as consultant, Chereé as Account Manager and Jason as developer. Really, really good people who know their onions! They are fantastic to be with. Even for me, as someone who really doesn’t enjoy technology, I have found that I can go into a meeting with them and I am completely energised - and if they’ve energised me – blimey, they’ve done a fantastic job! I’ve had many interfaces over the past 20 years as IT has grown into the world of business and I’ve never known people like it.'

The staff have been just fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

'And it’s not just me – (the one who ducks in and out of the project meetings) – there are team members here at my business who have had an enormous amount of their time impacted by this project - there’s been a month recently where they’ve had 2/3 days a week away from their desks sat in project meetings, but none of them have ever turned around and said 'I’ve have enough of this!' Instead they’re telling me that they don’t mind because The NAV | 365 People team come up with solutions where we have gaps which is really refreshing.'

'With our previous vendor, who started our Dynamics NAV project initially, they’d go away for 2 weeks and come back with some of the things that Jason can sit in a room with us and do in 10 minutes! We’ve been astounded, saying to ourselves how big a saving is this?! Not a saving in terms of money but in terms of time and frustration of waiting for things to come back. Absolutely brilliant.’

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