Recruiting in a Post-Covid World

Published on 19 May 2021

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Learn about how TNP are still recruiting despite working remotely!

This past year has arguably brought with it an entirely new era of recruitment. Whilst we can finally say (correct at time of writing!) that things look like they are on the up, some working and hiring practices have been irrevocably changed.

Now, with the fully remote experience being many people’s normal, digital hiring has come into its own. Who can remember the last time they dropped a CV off at the front desk? It’s not just the hiring that’s changed, either. What companies are looking for has altered as well.

Digital hiring tools were already becoming more commonplace, but the pandemic has accelerated their use. Many large companies are using AI and automation to complete the initial sift of applications for advertised jobs. In our eyes, this hasn't got the personal touch we like, so we've not gone down that route.

At TNP, we know that we have been very fortunate to have grown our staff during the uncertainty of 2020-2021, and by quite a considerable amount – well over 50 people have joined the company!

But, that's not made us impersonal or complacent. Here’s three ways we have successfully recruited, the majority of which we were happily doing in the first place:

Adopt some form of digital hiring management

Until the middle of 2020, TNP still relied solely on email submission of CVs and human management of that inbox, along with agencies. Now the HR team can track applications from a variety of channels, including recruitment agencies and the main website, through their Applicant Tracking System, Team Tailor. It’s saved time, made the process more efficient, and has improved all stages of talent acquisition, in particular shortening the time between application and interview. Using Team Tailor behind the scenes allows us to respond to our agencies quicker, which then has a better turnaround time for candidates.

Think about the skills required for today’s working reality

Remote work is here to stay. Therefore, the net can be cast further for potential employees. We now have people working for us all over the country, and abroad! However, the core capabilities required from a remote worker differ somewhat from the office-based employee. Strong communication skills, an almost intuitive ease with technology (not hard to find in our industry!) and a flexible approach to work are at the forefront of hiring managers’ minds.

At TNP, not only do we consider the key technical skills, but we want people who will fit with the team too. We are a family, and proud of it! We are flexible with remote working, providing a start up fund to get the equipment you need, and we use Microsoft Teams and its full range of capabilities to immerse ourselves in the working day.

Stay personal

Although many companies will increasingly be using AI or automatic processes to rapidly sift applications, at TNP we believe that it’s the whole person we are hiring and not what a machine deems appropriate. That’s why we have a small yet mighty HR team who take the time to read every CV and focus on the most important aspects of hiring, such as making personal connections with candidates and future candidates. Attention to detail and a great first impression are key in the onboarding process.

Integration for new employees to the business is also crucial. Having been very fortunate to have hired what now makes up over one third of our workforce since March 2020, there are many employees how have not experienced the buzz of the office or the crazy antics of our Christmas parties. So, as a business we try to ensure that our culture is shared remotely, by socially bringing people together through the likes of quizzes, social clubs and more. We want them to feel included as part of the family and not just an employee and hope that this has worked well!


Does a job at TNP sound like the one for you? Take a look at our job vacancies page to find if there’s something up your street.

Join the family!

Teams are being assembled based on skills and compatibility, rather than physical location. This dramatically increases the candidate list and the team at TNP can’t wait to introduce new faces to the family. TNP are recruiting heavily for roles in the Dynamics 365 Business Central world including consultants and both general and partner-skilled developers.

For budding trainees, keep an eye out later in the year when we will once again be taking applications for our annual Academy course. This is a paid role that trains aspiring IT consultants and developers. Upon successful graduation, candidates get offered a full-time position at TNP. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!

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