nHanced User Tasks for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Published on 06 Feb 2019

Topics: Extending your solution

We’ve just released nHanced User Tasks for Dynamics 365 Business Central! It’s a small but powerful tool to save you time, reduce frustration and makes organising your tasks so much easier as all the information you need will be at your fingertips.

Why we developed nHanced User Tasks

Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 Business Central has a standard Tasks button, where you can create a task like a ‘To Do’ list and set the date and time it’s due then mark it as ‘complete’ once it’s done. It can also be used to create tasks for other people, such as your team members.

However, the downside with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Tasks is you cannot link the task to any other records such as company contact details or outstanding invoices, so it means having to search elsewhere in the Dynamics 365 Business Central database and then switch back and forth into Tasks. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, even for a relatively simple task such as making a phone call to follow-up on a sales quote.

We wanted to give our customers the power to quickly and easily navigate straight to other documents without having to search for the information each time, so we developed our nHanced User Tasks module. nHanced User Tasks seamlessly extends the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central User Tasks without removing any of the existing functionality.

What are the main features of nHanced User Tasks?

With this latest nHanced module, when you create a task you can now:

  • Link the task to a specific contact, customer, vendor or any other record in the database
  • Enter the date to start the task
  • Give the task a priority to help in sorting later
  • Have details such as Contact/Customer/Vendor which are on your documents to be automatically completed for you within Tasks
  • Customise the page to be displayed when clicked
  • View and add tasks from the nHanced Information Fact Box on the record
  • See tasks other people have set for the same contact/customer so everything is transparent, and everyone knows what’s going on

When you’re ready to perform the task you can go straight to the relevant information by clicking on relevant buttons in Tasks such as:

  • Go to Customer
  • Go to Contact
  • Go to Record
  • Go to Vendor
  • Go to Company Contact

This means, for example, if you see on your Tasks list that you need to phone a particular customer, you can easily see key information such as the contact person’s name, phone number, details of a quote and any other notes you or your colleagues may have made about this customer. You can fully complete your task there and then.

How will nHanced user tasks benefit your business?

With its ease of navigation in getting to all the important information quickly, having our nHanced User Tasks will mean less frustration, more time saved and being better organised as you make your way through your endless list of tasks!

The nHanced User Tasks extension was created specifically by us - The NAV | 365 People - for Dynamics 365 Business Central and is available to use On-Prem and in the Public Cloud.

If you have an earlier version of Dynamics NAV and you would like the same functionality as nHanced User Tasks, we have developed a module called CRM Log.

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