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Published on 29 Nov 2022

Topics: Dynamics 365 Business Central, Upgrading

Learn more about 'Bridge to Cloud 1' and 'Bridge to Cloud 2'

Microsoft's 'Bridge to Cloud' promotions are available for all existing Dynamics NAV users looking to upgrade to Business Central SaaS (now known as Business Central Online).

The first offer 'Bridge to Cloud 1' expires at the end of 2022, however the second - 'Bridge to Cloud 2' - is available until the end of 2024.

Bridge to Cloud 1 Promotion

  • The 'Bridge to Cloud 1 Promotion' is available until 31st December 2022. Under the terms of the promotion, Business Central SaaS licences will be discounted by 60% for up to 4 years.
  • The annual value of the subscription licence must equal to the existing Enhancement Plan amount, as a minimum. Additional 'free' user licences will be available, subject to specific limits, thereby allowing for additional users to facilitate a move from concurrent to named user licensing.
  • Customers will have dual access rights during the period of the promotion, allowing access to the existing on-premise solution, and an active on-premise Enhancement Plan while the BC SaaS system is being deployed.
  • The promotion offers a one-way transition only. Customers who enrol in the 'Bridge to Cloud' promo are committed to their transition to the cloud. The expectation is that the customer will move to CSP licensing going forward and will fully migrate to Business Central online during, or at the end of their promo term. The upgrade to BC SaaS must be completed by the end of the promotion, as the on-premise Enhancement Plan will expire. Customers who do not migrate to BC SaaS, and wish to have an active Enhancement Plan must pay the lapsed enhancement penalties, and re-enrol for a year.


  • Must have an active/up-to-date enhancement plan at the time of transition
  • Existing licences must have been purchased before 1st September 2022
  • Must purchase Dynamics 365 Business Central online licenses with an annualised total greater than or equal to the Enhancement Plan renewal amount.
  • Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL licences are eligible for the promotion.

Specific terms and conditions

  • This Bridge to Cloud promotion cannot be combined with any other discounted offer
  • Additional on-premise users must be purchased if required. At the renewal date, the new licence value and Enhancement Plan value must then be applied to the CSP subscription and adjusted as required.
  • Customers are allowed to use their previously purchased on-premise product during their migration.
  • The promotion is available until 31st December 2022. There is no credit for any remaining period that may exist on the current Enhancement Plan. The Enhancement Plan renewal date will remain the same.
  • Licence costs will revert to the standard pricing at the end of the promotion period.
  • The minimum subscription is set at the value of the current Enhancement Plan. Where the subscription amount for the required users, calculated at the 60% discounted rate, is less than the current Enhancement Plan value, additional user licences must be purchased to bring the subscription amount up to the current Enhancement Plan value.
  • The promotion offers additional 'free' users for the period of the promotion. Promotional free users can be added up to a value of the sum of the current Enhancement Plan plus 51% of the purchased licence value. The calculation of the subscription amount is based on the charged at the 60% discounted rate.

Bridge to Cloud 2 Promotion

Once the current promotion closes, there will be a new Bridge to Cloud 2 promotion available on 1st February 2023 until 31st December 2024.

The following are the key differences:

  • The promotion term is fixed at 3 years
  • The subscription discount is 40%
  • The minimum subscription is set at the value of the existing Enhancement Plan
  • Additional users can be added. Subscription costs calculated at the 40% discounted rate will be payable up to a value of twice the existing Enhancement Plan value. Once that subscription value is reached, additional 'free users' can be added up to a further value of twice the Enhancement Plan value.

Simple example

  • 20 Dynamics NAV Essentials Users on-premise perpetual concurrent licences
  • Estimated requirement for 40 Named User licences
  • Original licence value £26,820
  • Enhancement Plan (17%) £4,559.60
  • Essentials Subscription licence £52.80 per month

Bridge to Cloud 1 Promotion - £4,561.92

  • 40 Essentials £52.80 per month – discounted by 60% to £21.12 = £10,137.60
  • Minimum subscription value is £4,559.60
  • Free users are available up to the value of 51% of the £26,820, which is £13,678.20
  • As the calculated value of the required 40 licences is greater than the existing Enhancement Plan, and within the free user limit, the licence subscription required will be based on the minimum subscription.
  • The required subscription will be 18 Essentials licences at the discounted rate, totalling £4,561.92 (18 users x £21.12 x 12 months). The additional 22 licences will be available free for the period of the promotion, after which they will revert to the standard rate (currently £52.80 per month)

Bridge to Cloud 2 Promotion - £9,123.84

  • Essentials subscription £52.80 per month – discounted by 40% to £31.68
  • Minimum subscription value is £4,559.60
  • Free users are available once the subscription is twice the Enhancement Plan value (2x £4,559.60) = £9,118.80
  • The requirement is for 40 user licences, so the first 12 licences will bring the subscription to the minimum requirement (12 users x £31.68 x 12 months) = £4,561.92
  • The next 12 user licences will bring the overall subscription value to twice the Enhancement Plan value, therefore the remaining 16 user licences are free, as the value of those 16 licences is within the limit of twice the existing Enhancement Plan.
    • (16 users x £31.68 x 12 months) = £6,082.56
    • Twice the Enhancement Plan = (2 x £4,559.60) =£9,118.80
  • The overall subscription cost for 40 licences will be £9,123.84

Bridge to Cloud

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