Foundling Museum increases revenue using Dynamics NAV

Published on 07 Dec 2017

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Registered charity improves efficiency and streamlines processes driven by powerful ERP solution integrated with LS One by The NAV | 365 People

The Foundling Museum has replaced manual tills with an electronic point of sale solution that now integrates into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The combined solution has driven significant efficiencies across operations and has streamlined the monthly VAT returns process that previously used to take 2 days and is now completed in less than 10 minutes. In addition, monthly company accounts for 2 organisations that previously took 2-3 days each month can now be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Nigel Cudlipp, Financial Director at The Foundling Museum comments: ‘Upgrading our accounting systems has increased revenues and improved governance through the efficient tracking of restricted funds. The impact on my time has been significant; tasks that previously would take 5 days each month can now be completed in less than an hour. This has allowed me to focus more time on the business development side of the museum, resulting in increased revenues that we plough back into improving the museum, which is enjoyed by more than 50,000 visitors each year.’

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As registered charity, the museum is able to claim Gift Aid on donations from individuals; previously the process would take the Finance Director approximately 8 days per year to correlate the data to claim the much-needed funds. The NAV | 365 People developed functionality to simplify the collating of the required donor declaration; today the process has been completely automated and the reporting takes minutes to complete.

Ian Humphries, Managing & Product Director at The NAV | 365 People comments; ‘The NAV | 365 People only advocate impactful solutions that we know will deliver real business value, evidenced by the benefits achieved by The Foundling Museum in a short period of time.  The museum has invested in an IT solution that will evolve with their business and continue to deliver significant improvements for years to come.’

About The Foundling Museum

The Foundling Museum explores the history of the Foundling Hospital, the UK’s first children’s charity and first public art gallery, and through a regular programme of events and exhibitions celebrates the ways in which artists of all disciplines have helped improve children’s lives for over 275 years.

The Foundling Hospital, which continues today as the children’s charity Coram, was established in 1739 by the philanthropist Captain Thomas Coram, as ‘a hospital for the maintenance and education of exposed and deserted young children’. Instrumental in helping Coram realise his vision were the artist William Hogarth, who encouraged all the leading artists of the day to donate work, and the composer George Frideric Handel, who gave annual benefit concerts of the Messiah. In doing so, they created London’s first public art gallery and set the template for the way that the arts could support philanthropy.

For more information visit: The Foundling Museum

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