TNP solve recurring issue for Dynamics NAV healthcare customer

Published on 18 Mar 2019

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A customer recently logged a ticket with our Customer Services team for Dynamics NAV support. Its finance department had been constantly frustrated by the time it took to process revaluations for the month-end general and year-end journals, so they reached out for our help.

A developer from the Customer Service team responded immediately by phoning the customer, AMICULUM, a company which delivers medical communications, healthcare learning, medical affairs and marketing consultancy to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

This simple phone call meant our customer was able to discuss the problems in more detail with the developer, so he could fully understand the issues before any work was undertaken.

The problem

At the end of every month and at year-end, AMICULUM's finance team had a problem with two closing processes. For each process, the team had to manually identify jobs that were posted with old or blocked dimension codes (as those jobs had been closed) and then reopen each of those jobs, one-by-one, to access the information they needed. At the same time the dimension code had to be changed and then the job was closed again.

Next, the finance team had to run the ‘Adjust Exchange Rate’ routine, which revalued all those jobs to create an up-to-date ‘Exchange Rate Report’. Having to regularly go through this procedure was both time-consuming and as you can imagine, quite frustrating for those involved.

A complex yet quick solution

Although it was a complex issue for both processes, our developer wrote an extension for the month-end general journals and another for the year-end journals as they were two very specific areas. In each case, the new extension bypassed the need to open each job individually, allowing the processes to be completed in just minutes!

Our customer was delighted with the results, saying the solution, while quick, was very helpful and now saves the finance team a great deal of time and frustration at the end of each month and year-end.

It’s a highly effective outcome – and all it took was a simple question to our Customer Services team, whose expertise and enthusiasm shone through yet again!

Can we help you?

Are you an existing The NAV | 365 People customer using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, who is frustrated by a time-consuming process when you’re trying to perform a relatively simple task? We’ve all done it – we’ve pushed through and forgotten about the frustration until the next time. 

Why not try and get it sorted now? The solution could be easier than you think, and all you have to do is ask us the question. Just contact us or log a ticket (see how to do this) with our Customer Support team and we’ll do our best to help you.

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